Welcome to QuietHousehold!

Here at QuietHousehold.com we review and compare home appliances of various sorts in order to come up with the very best ones. On our website we provide guides, tips and review comparisons for various appliances with the main focus on the quiet efficiency and compactness.

Why This Particular Focus?

With the noise of 21st century and the broad availability of kitchen and home appliances in general, it is not always easy to pick the most efficient, compact and yet quiet device. This is why I decided to create a website especially for this purpose. With the help of my colleague, we scour the market and internet (often for several hours) to separate the noisy and inefficient appliances from our recommendations.

Quiet Household Silence

It is not always easy, as lot of manufacturers simply do not care about a noise, but we know that it is more than important for most people. Here you will be able to find practically every kitchen appliance and in time, we plan to expand to general home appliances as well.

Noise and compactness is something one should be always on a look for, as in time one will realize that having high quality silent, small, yet very efficient devices is worth the extra money.

What Devices Can I Find Here?

What quiet and small appliances are we reviewing and recommending? Basically everything you can think of, from blenders to garbage disposals to tower fans to washing machines, ceiling fans to pressure washers to pressure cookers, etc.

Who knows, once we are done with kitchen and home appliances, we move to even more technical matters in regard to compactness and sounds. But for now, we plan to stay in home improvement and expand our focus in this particular area.

Below you can check our current guides. Also if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send us an email and we will get back to you shortly. In the meantime, enjoy our guides. 🙂