10 Red and Black Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

If you’re tired of your kitchen blending in with the background, it’s time to add some red and black to the mix. These colors are like the power couple of kitchen design, they complement each other perfectly, and will elevate your kitchen to the next level. Imagine your kitchen as a canvas, and these colors are the paint, they’ll make your kitchen pop like a masterpiece.

I know what you’re thinking, black and red in the kitchen? Won’t that make it look like a crime scene? But trust me, when done right, it’ll look like a million bucks (not that I know the exact cost of a million bucks, but you get the point).

Here are my top 10 black and red modern kitchen design ideas. From black cabinets with red accents to red islands with black countertops, these designs will make your kitchen the talk of the town, or at least the talk of your neighborhood. These designs are perfect for those who want to add a touch of luxury and drama to their home without breaking the bank. So, whether you’re planning a complete kitchen renovation or just looking for a few design ideas, let’s get started and make your kitchen the star of the show!

My Top 10 Red and Black Modern Kitchen Designs

These ideas cover all range of kitchens, small, big, round, with and without built-in appliances, next to a window, etc.

Note: All the designs here were created by us here at quiethousehold.com using various graphic programs.

1. The Triangle U

I call this design The Triangle U because of the sharp triangle-like edges, while the entire kitchen design is in a shape of “U”.

2. The French Window Darkness

The French Window Darkness

Do you have a kitchen right next to a french window or balcony? This design can work well even with own-standing appliances and a table.

3. The Black Tile Redemption

Black Tile Redemption Kitchen Design

Black Tiles? Black Floor? What? Well, yes. This example tells us that even the darkest tiles can work quite nicely in the kitchen.

4. The Round Drawer

Round Drawer Kitchen Design

Who says a kitchen cannot work with lots of drawers and a round design? Decide for yourself.

5. The Black’n’Red Lone Wolf

The Black'n'Red Lone Wolf Kitchen Design

Why lone wolf? Just look at the counter-top. Separate counter-top design with or without hotplate works beautifully, although certain space is required in this case.

6. The Natural Light and Dark Coexisting

Naturally Light and Dark Coexisting Kitchen Design

Do you have a lovely window in your kitchen? See how it can work with red and black colors? Perhaps even with a tapestry, like in our design.

7. The Two Eyes of Red and Black

Two Eyes of Red and Black Kitchen Design

The Two Eyes of Red and Black kitchen design represents square-style kitchen with two smaller windows. I believe it would work just fine even with one!

8. The Forest Elegance

The Forest Elegance Kitchen Design

This is one of my favorites. Small, but made-to-measure design with dark marble counter-top and a forest canvas. Elegant, isn’t it?

9) The Super-Modern DaringSuper-Modern Daring Kitchen Design

This modern design is for a small, two-wall kitchen which provides 3-side access to the counter-top which can also work as a bar.

10. The All Around Audacity Kitchen Design

The All Around Audacity Kitchen Design

French windows, round top with a built-in table? Audacious with specific kitchen layout, but might work just for you.


While I understand that modern style and such audacious colors are definitely not for everyone, I think we can agree that in some cases, the effect is mind-blowing. For me, The Forest Elegance is the winner. How about you?