Preset to Perfection: A Bagotte Air Fryer Review

There is something to be said for the role of convenience in your cooking appliances. As much as you might love cooking, you probably don’t love having to spend forever prepping your oven or cleaning up afterward. This is where air fryers excel. They offer faster, cleaner frying than a traditional fat fryer. Add to that the fact they’re portable when an oven is, well, not, and it’s easy to see why air fryers are picking up in popularity across the Internet.

Bagotte Air Fryer

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the Bagotte air fryer and see how it lives up to that idea of cooking excellence in a compact package.


Some of the most important features offered by this air fryer from Bagotte include:

  • 42 in. x 11.81 in. x 14.57 in., 18.51 lbs
  • Basket size of 8.66 in. x 9.06 in. x 4.92 in., 5.8-quart capacity
  • Voltage range of 100 to 120V, Wattage of 1700
  • 60-minute timer
  • Temperature range of 170 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • UL and FDA Certification
  • Stainless steel body
  • Uses 85% less oil compared to traditional methods of frying
  • Eight presets for Steak, Shrimp, French Fries, Drumsticks, Cake, Chicken, Bacon, and Fish
  • Nonstick basket
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Knob and touchscreen operation
  • Comes with 100 recipes
  • Integrated air filter for removing odors

As you can see, this air fryer offers quite a bit, which is in keeping with the increasing complexity of air fryers. In terms of matching market exceptions, this model ticks the typical boxes for a solid air fryer. Its temperature range of 170 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit is in keeping with industry standards, as is this model using 85% less oil than a typical traditional fat fryer, the voltage and wattage range, and the durable stainless steel body.

Knobs vs. Digital Controls

One area where it distinguishes itself in the opposite direction, however, is the choice to go with knobs as a means of operation. Most cookers and other appliances today are operated via digital controls. The choice to go with knobs here is an interesting throwback, and one done ostensibly to make the air fryer easier to use for elderly people. How much easier that is than digital controls is open to debate, but if you do have an elder who’s a bit bowled over by modern controls, this might be an interesting alternative. Either way, it’s a neat retro design choice.

Timer Options

The timer is another minor point of distinction. Many other models offer 30-minute timers, so the fact this option allows you to cook for twice as long as that opens up even more recipe opportunities.

8 Presets

In addition, the eight presets offered with this model are, in theory, a huge boon to anyone looking to cook those dishes. This is yet another area where air fryers shine over their traditional counterparts. The fact that the Bagotte air fryer includes eight presets is a definite plus, though how well each of those presets work will be up to every user to determine for themselves. Still, it’s a welcome inclusion, and eight presets is more than you’ll see from a lot of its contemporaries.

Finally, this model comes with a hundred recipes for you to try out. This is another pretty standard feature of air fryers, but it’s always a nice touch, especially if you plan to give this as a gift.

Pros and Cons


Some of the best things about this air fryer from Bagotte are:

  • Odor-free cooking
  • The chicken and French fry options are especially good
  • Combination knob and touchscreen controls are a winner
  • Large cooking capacity
  • Consistent performance

Some things you might be a bit concerned about with this model include:

  • Durability questions persist
  • Some users didn’t get instruction booklets
  • 18 lbs can be a bit heavy

Our rating: 4.5 / 5

If you have tried an air fryer before, one of the most common issues you may have come across is odor. The combination of plastic and stainless steel frames and the close confines of the units can sometimes cause these materials to leave their odor on the food they cook. You may love steak and chicken, but you probably don’t love eating helpings that smell like burnt plastic. Thankfully, this unit with its filter avoids that problem completely, so you can breathe easy and enjoy your food.

Enjoy it you will, especially if you love chicken or French fries. Again, your mileage may vary with these presets, but overall they’ve been getting good reviews, and the chicken and French fry options in particular have won over users. If you’re getting an air fryer for someone who loves and wants to cook either one of those (including yourself!), this is definitely a model to consider.

As mentioned, the knob-touchscreen combo is unconventional among other air fryers. However, this unit makes it work. Again, the aesthetic is unique, and both the knobs and the touchscreen are accessible.

This model is on the larger side for an air fryer without being too bulky to transport, though 18 lbs is heavier than other models. The tradeoff for that, however, is that you get a ton of cooking capacity. If you want to cook meals for several family members and friends, this is a great unit to make that happen.

There are a couple of potential drawbacks to this model. Some users have complained that they haven’t received instruction booklets, though these can probably be found online. More serious are the complaints about durability. That’s a knock not just on many air fryers but many appliances in general, however – there’s always some contingent of discontented users. No product is perfect. That said, the overall consistency of this model helps balance out those durability concerns.

In Conclusion

The Bagotte air fryer is a solid all-around unit, pretty much exactly what you’d want from an air fryer on the larger side. It is an especially good pickup for those looking to cook chicken or those intrigued by its retro-chic design. Add to that the fact that this model is highly consistent and offers eight different cooking options, and you have a model that is consistent, convenient, and an overall high-quality choice.

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