Best Mini ITX Cases on the Market

A mini ITX case offers you a container to store your expensive PC components and allows you to build and add on over time. The best mini ITX case offers you a place to manage your cables and your components. These cases are compact and allow you to build your mini gaming PC. The motherboard is smaller than the ATX and you can build a decent PC for gaming, entertainment, and more.

What to Look for

When you build with a small ITX case, you will have a PC that can be as small as a video console. The components available today are powerful and you can make a quality PC in a compact design. They make great media center devices and they can do anything you need them to do without having to build a large, clunky tower. You will need to make sure that your components fit inside of them because the space is tight but you can pack everything in and make a great machine.

The selling point is that the smallest mini ITX case is compact and doesn’t take up as much space. Each square inch inside of it will be used so you want to plan your PC before you start building to make sure that everything will fit. Although it is more difficult that building a larger unit, the challenge of solving this puzzle is rewarding.

There are many different versions of the smallest PC case on the market so you need to find the one that is best for your needs. The important thing is to make sure that you know what components you will use before you choose a case. You can choose cases that are stylish, those with more air flow, and others that are functional but you need to be able to fit your components inside to make it function.

8 Best Mini ITX Case Solutions

So without further ado, let’s jump into the list.

1) Thermaltake Core V1 SPCC Mini ITX Case

This small ITX case offers extra room and airflow. It has a great design with a front mesh and a see-through top panel that lets the RGB light shine through. It is affordable and works for anyone on a budget. The Core V1 supports three fans, including one that comes with the case. You have the option of installing a 120mm/140mm AIO radiator in place of the fan that comes with it.

Thermaltake Core V1 SPCC Mini ITX Case

You get four storage bays with this ITX case. There are two for HDDs and two for SDDs. It has a maximum GPU length of 285mm. You can also get two expansion slots and it has an optional transparent side window. There is plenty of space to organize your cables inside. This ITX case will work well for anyone on a budget and it offers a lot of features.


  • 2” x 12.4” x 10.9”
  • 10 pounds
  • Room for three fans for cooling
  • Extra room for cables
  • Great design
  • Optional two expansion slots
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Best to replace the included fan
  • Some users prefer front USB ports to be at the top

2) Lian Li TU 150-WX Black Aluminum Mini-ITX Computer Case

This is a larger version of the small ITX case but it offers great airflow and plenty of room for your cables. It has an attractive design with side vents and has a see-through side panel so that you can show off your RGB colors. The top has a retractable handle that makes it easy to take it with you wherever you go.

Lian Li TU 150-WX Black Aluminum Mini-ITX Computer Case

This is considered a best mini ITX case because it has support for up to four 120mm fans so you have good airflow. You also have room for longer graphics cards and air coolers, and you get three expansion slots if you want to add on later. You are limited to one 120mm radiator, which is in the back, so you will not be able to use it if you are making a water cooler build. It has only two 2.5-inch bays and one is able to hold a 3.5-inch HDD. This is one of the best of the small ITX cases out there.


  • 8” x 8” x 12.3”
  • Bays are 2 x 2.5” and 1 x 2.5”
  • Excellent airflow
  • Extra room for your cables
  • Ability to support up to four 120mm fans
  • Room for longer graphics cards
  • You can’t use this case for a water cooler build
  • Practically non-existent efficient cable management

3) NZXT H210 Mini ITX PC Gaming Case

This is not the smallest mini ITX case but it is one of the best cases for people on a budget. It is larger, so it has more space for cable management and component installation. Its size allows it to have better airflow and support up to four fans. It includes one 120mm fan on the top and one on the back. You can also build a water cooler.

NZXT H210 Mini ITX PC Gaming Case

This small ITX case allows you to use two 120mm radiators or you can use one 240mm radiator on the front and one 120mm radiator on the back. It also has three 2.5-inch bays and one 3.5-inch bay. It can also hold CPU coolers as tall as 165mm. The NZXT H210 supports graphics cards up to 325mm long. It has a design that gives you two-tone color choices, an attractive vent, and a tempered glass side panel.


  • 6” x 8.3” x 13.7”
  • 3 x 2.5” bays and 1 x 3.5” bay
  • Optional additional 2.5” bay
  • Roomy for components and cables
  • Great for water cooling builds
  • Very attractive design
  • Easy component installation
  • Larger than other mini ITX cases (the size is close to Micro)

4) SilverStone Technology Ultra Compact Mini-ITX Computer Case

This is another great small ITX case for people on a budget. This SilverStone case has vents all the way around, a mesh front panel, and good airflow even though it is very small. It is an attractive ultra-small case. It only supports one 120mm/140mm fan or an AIO radiator but the airflow still keeps it cool enough. You can choose either two 2.5-inch SSDs or one 2.5-inch SSD and one 3.5-inch HDD.

SilverStone Technology Ultra Compact Mini-ITX Computer Case

You can use a PSU up to 150mm but the 140mm PSU works best.  The case works with GPUs up to 270mm and you can choose a mini-ITX or DTX motherboard. This case is very small so you need to plan ahead but it is a great case for people on a budget.


  • 22” x 8.74” x 7.13”
  • One 3.5” bay or two 2.5” bays
  • Excellent airflow
  • Ultra-small, compact case
  • Attractive mesh on front
  • The installation is complicated because of the size
  • Complicated cable management

5) BitFenix Mini-ITX Tower Case

This BitFenix Mini-ITX Tower case is considered the best mini ITX case for design. It is compact and has handles for easy portability. It comes in arctic white or midnight black, and it has interchangeable front facades so you can create your own style. The interior has a modular FlexCage where you can install up to five 3.5-inch hard disk drives or 2.5-inch SSDs, or you can remove it and install 240mm radiators and long graphics cards.

BitFenix Mini-ITX Tower Case

There are additional SSD locations and there are two USB ports, filtered intakes, and a treated surface. It supports a mini-ITX motherboard and an air cooler up to 160mm. It can also hold five 120mm fans. You have plenty of choices when you build your PC using this smallest PC case.


  • 84” x 15.91” x 14.13”
  • Up to five 3.5” hard disk drives or 2.5” SSDs
  • Customizable design
  • Lots of choices for components
  • Very attractive design
  • Cooling options
  • Made with matte plastic
  • Forget about cable management with this case
  • Included fans are quite noisy

6) Cooler Master Elite Mini ITX Case

If you are looking for the smallest mini ITX case, the Cooler Master Elite is a great option. This compact case can still provide a chassis that cools well and it supports a mini-ITX motherboard. You can use a 120mm radiator in front and it supports graphics cards up to 210mm long. It has a maximum CPU cooler height of three inches, and the maximum GPU/PCI card length is 8.3 inches.

Cooler Master Elite Mini ITX Case

This smallest PC case has a mesh front panel that provides excellent air flow from front to back. It is the perfect size for compact gaming builds. It has vents on the sides as well so you won’t have to worry about proper cooling. This is a great choice if you are looking for a small mini ITX case.


  • 1” x 10.3” x 8.2”
  • Three HDDs, two HDDs and two SSDs, or one HDD or three SSDs
  • Excellent airflow and ventilation
  • Great size for small gaming consoles
  • Ability to support graphics cards up to 210mm long
  • Chassis cooling
  • Can draw dust in (no filters from the sides)
  • The bottom part space could be designed more efficiently

7) Fractal Design Node 202

This mini ITX case has a sleek, elegant design and it is very small with a volume of just 10.2 liters. You can choose to set it up vertically or horizontally and it supports mini-ITX motherboards. It holds graphics cards up to 310mm in length and it has a smart thermal design that keeps the motherboard and the graphics cards separate.

Fractal Design Node 202

This is the best mini ITX case if you want a sleek, small case for an affordable price. The Node 202 has a modern look that will fit right in with your other electronics. It offers plenty of ventilation but you can’t use water cooling. It supports two 120mm fans with plenty of ventilation and dust filters. This is a great example of the smallest mini ITX case that you can buy on a budget.


  • 07” x 14.84” x 3.46”
  • Can fit one standard HDD under the graphics card
  • Offers sleek, elegant, compact design
  • Can set it up vertically or horizontally
  • Supports a full size graphics card
  • Includes dust filters
  • Affordable
  • Very small – so you need to plan your build perfectly
  • You need a fully modular power supply, otherwise you won’t fit all the cables

8) Razer Tomahawk Mini ITX Gaming Chassis

This is a stylish, attractive mini ITX case with dual-sided tempered glass swivel doors so you can see inside. You can have easy access to your components and you get the Razer Chroma RGB for greater game immersion and lighting that you can customize. The top panel is ventilated and has dust filters. You get clean airflow that is optimized for your case.

Razer Tomahawk Mini ITX Gaming Chassis

The lighting effects are a huge draw for this case and you can pair it with other Razer products to tie your components together, including their keyboard, mouse, and monitor. It has room for a CPU cooler or a 240mm radiator for liquid cooling. Your graphics card can go up to 320mm and you can use a thicker card that takes three expansion slots. It can hold three 2.5-inch SSDs and it has ports on the front panel.


  • 46” x 8.11” x 12.65”
  • Holds three 2.5” SSDs
  • Provides excellent lighting that is customizable
  • Takes up to three 2.5” SSDs
  • Has room for wide graphics card
  • Offers easy access to components
  • Quite expensive
  • Bottom of the case needs dust filters


When you look for the best mini ITX case, you need to determine what components you want to use. You will need to plan carefully to maximize the use of your case. Also, you can choose from different models and the best case for you will depend on how many drives you need, the kind of cooling you need, and the size you want.

You can choose a mini ITX case that has a sleek, stylish design or you can choose a basic model that is compact and efficient. You have a wide variety of choices and it all comes down to the components you plan to use when you build your PC.

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