Best Quiet Air Pumps For Aquariums

Having fish in the home can be a rewarding investment. Not only is it good to expand the amount of living creatures in your house, but they’re pretty to look at. A fish tank is something to show off to guests when they are over. It’s something for the kids to look at. All around, a fish tank makes the room look better. There’s a plethora of different fish to get, different shaped fish tanks, and different fish tank stands to decorate your home with.

There are some downsides to owning a fish tank, though. One would be that it is a lot of work. If you don’t know exactly what you are doing, you run the risk of harming the fish inside of the fish tank. Equipment for a fish take can be cumbersome and raise your utility bill. Then there is the noise factor. Fish tanks need air pumps. It is vital to buy one or even two for a tank, but the problem is they can be quite noisy. Depending on where you have a tank in the home, a loud air pump could interrupt your sleep. That is why you need a quiet air pump to get you through the night (or any time of the day).

The Best Silent Air Pump You Can Get

In this article, we will be exploring the best quiet air pumps you can find on the internet. We will be breaking down the details of each quiet air pump, as well as the positive and negative reviews people have left. These reviews are compiled from testimonials online. It is our hope that this list will help you in making an executive decision as to what is the best quiet air pump for your aquarium.

Before we go any further, we did want to say that it’s important to ensure that all of the legs of an air pump are securely pressed against the glass or else noise will be made.

1) Hygger 10W Powerful Aquarium Air Pump with Dual Outlets for 55-600 Gallon Tank

Hygger 10W Powerful Aquarium Air Pump with Dual Outlets for 55-600 Gallon Tank

The Hygger 10W Powerful Aquarium Air Pump with Dual Outlets comes highly recommended for those who are looking for a quiet air pump for their in-home aquarium. The powerful motor that is provided with this product only uses ten watts and provides sixteen liters of air per minute. This means 256 gph. This can be used for a tank up to six feet deep. You can use this for tanks in between fifty-fix to six hundred gallons of water. This can be used for a wide array of tanks, which truly makes it a fantastic purchase.

  • There is a dial to control the strength of the air pump, which allows you to be able to set the controls properly.
  • It’s a very sleek product that is quiet, according to plenty of people who have reviewed this item.
  • There is a huge quantity of air bubbles produced, which is exactly what you want from an air pump like this.
  • The reviews for this air pump have been wildly positive. Many have stated how quiet it is – that it can tuck underneath sand and be unnoticeable.
  • While there were 1-2 complaints where users received defective pumps, there doesn’t seem to be any other con. Kudos to Hygger.

Besides this one complaint, as stated before, people have been generally happy with their purchase. It is a sturdy product that plenty of people are happy they’ve bought.

Our rating: 4.8 / 5

2) VIVOSUN Air Pump 3W 6L/min 2 Outlet Commercial Air Pump

VIVOSUN Air Pump 3W 6L per min 2 Outlet Commercial Air Pump

Now, let’s talk about the Vivosun Air Pump. Providing excellent heat control, this quiet air pump comes highly recommended online. In fact, it’s one of the first that pops up when you type in ‘quiet air pump’. It’s an oil-less lubricated design that is long-lasting so you can have it for many years without having to replace it. It’s so quiet that it is under forty decibels, making it perfect for when you want to have a fish tank somewhere that people sleep or spend an extended period of time congregating in.

  • People are loving the sleek design of the Vivosun. Plenty of people have stated that it is powerful, yet extremely quiet. The air stones are of good quality, which makes this a great air pump to have.
  • This air pump can support aquariums up to seventy gallons of water. That’s a big fish tank that can luckily be supported by this top choice.
  • The power cord is separate, which one reviewer liked because it made the installation very easy for them.
  • There’s a digital touchscreen that helps you navigate this air pump.

Luckily, there are hardly any negatives when it comes to the Vivosun. Everyone, for the most part; highly enjoys this air pump and would recommend it for anyone looking for a quiet air pump. The only complaint seems to be that the cord is made out of silicone – besides that, that’s it!

Our rating:  4.7 / 5

3) Danner Manufacturing Inc. Low Volume Air Pump (40514)

Danner Manufacturing Inc. Low Volume Air Pump (40514)

 The Danner Manufacturing, Inc. Supreme Oxy-Flo Low Volume Air Pump is the first air pump we will be reviewing in our mission for the best low noise air pump. This is a very easy to use quiet air pump that is energy-efficient. The air volume is 275-cubic inch per minute. There’s two adjustable flow outlets and seven watts of pressure. The maximum water depth is 4’.

  • Many reviewers have expressed that they are happy with the quiet aspect of this air pump.
  • People have also enjoyed the adjustable dial on the top, allowing for more of customization.
  • Even on its highest setting it is extremely quiet, according to plenty of the reviewers who have purchased this product.
  • One person had difficulty in finding standard airline tubing that would fit properly over its connectors.
  • It is a little larger than expected, one purchaser expressed.

Our rating: 4.6 Star Rating 4.6 / 5

4) COLLAR Quiet Aquarium Air Pump up to 26-50 Gallons

COLLAR Quiet Aquarium Air Pump up to 26-50 Gallons

Many air pumps are affordable and that is the same when it comes to the COLLAR Quiet Aquarium Air Pump. If you are looking for an air pump to support a tank that holds anywhere in between twenty-six to fifty gallons of water, you should take a look at a COLLAR. It’s a small and compact air pump that is quiet and comes with nine feet worth of tubing. It produces a good quantity of air bubbles, which is important for the health of the wildlife living within your tanks.

  • There are suctions on this device, which means you can press it up against the wall of a fish tank.
  • As advertised, the air pump is quiet and produces the amount of bubbles that you want it to.
  • As stated before, this air pump is for small tanks. Do not purchase if you have a relatively larger tank as this would not be a good option.
  • Cord provided with the pump is quiet short.

Our rating:  4.3 / 5

5) TopYart Ultra Silent Air Pump (Black)

TopYart Ultra Silent Air Pump (Black)

The next air pump in our review of quiet air pumps is the TopYart Ultra Silent Air Pump. Coming in black, the TopYart is another highly recommended quiet air pump that is used for those who have personal aquariums in their home. With its multi-layer muffler, it’s incredibly quiet and is an oil-free compressor. It has the ability to be used in different sized tanks and more whatever you use the tank for, whether it be fish or plants.

  • While using this double-headed product, purchasers have stated that it is an incredibly quiet pump. So quiet that they forget that it sometimes is even on!
  • Another reviewer said the product was as advertised and a good get based on the price given.
  • The hose is very strong, reviewed one person.

There are some negatives when it comes to this air pump, as stated:

  • Someone expressed that the air pump is good for the price, but is not entirely as powerful as you may want it to be.
  • Several people have written that the coil in the box comes folded, which needs a day or two to unfold.
  • The plug is apparently loose, so keep that in mind.

Our rating: 4.2 / 5


As you can see, there are many different air pumps that are reasonable options for you to look into. Whether you are looking to have an aquarium at home with plants or fish, you are going to need an air pump. Generating bubbles is vital to the health of the living beings in your tank. Hopefully, the ones featured in this article are good options for you and you can start putting together your at-home tank today.

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