Best Quiet Exhaust Fans for Bathroom | Buying Guide and Reviews

If you are looking for a handy, useful appliance that can effectively get rid of moisture and unpleasant odors from your bathroom, and that too in a quiet manner, we have just the solution for you! After conducting extensive research and carrying out the necessary comparisons, we have prepared a detailed guide to help you find the best quiet exhaust fan for the bathroom that can allow you to enjoy all your desired benefits without the annoying clamor. So, let’s get started!

Things to Consider When Buying a Quiet Exhaust Fan for Bathroom


In order to get the right amount of ventilation in your bathroom, it is important you choose a fan size according to the square footage of the space you have. CFM is used to rate a fan’s ability to circulate air in cubic feet per minute in any given area. Exhaust fans that generate fewer CFMs are less powerful and work well in smaller settings. Fans generating higher CFMs, on the other hand, are ideal for larger bathrooms. When looking for a quiet fan for the bathroom, look for one that is HVI certified. The Home Ventilating Institute or HVI is an organization that certifies the efficiency and performance of home-ventilation products.


Since all electrical appliances are advancing day by day, modern exhaust fans come with a large number of features that make their operation more efficient and convenient for the user. Here is a list of features that might come in handy when you use your quiet fan for the bathroom:

Advanced Controls

Exhaust fans that come with multiple functions usually allow users to use those functions combined or individually. Some fans even include a separate wall switch to enable users to control the advanced features conveniently.

Motion + Humidity Sensors

Motion and humidity sensors not only help conserve energy but also improve the efficiency of the device. Humidity sensors monitor bathroom environments and trigger the device to turn on as soon as the humidity level rises above a certain point. Similarly, the fan automatically turns off when the humidity level decreases. Motion sensors, on the other hand, detect when a person enters the bathroom and turns the fan on.


Exhaust fans that feature built-in heaters are ideal for individuals living in colder climates as they help add some extra warmth.

Integrated Lighting

A lot of exhaust fan models offer supplementary lighting with integrated lights. Some devices even come with night lights for easy usage in the dark.


While most exhaust fans are installed near the ceiling, certain products can be installed in a wall. Such devices come with integrated duct adapters that can easily be connected to any ductwork. It is best to install an exhaust fan through ductwork to vent air outside of the house – never into an attic. The latter causes warm, moist air to enter various areas of your house and damage them. When searching for an exhaust fan, decided whether you will be installing the unit in the ceiling or wall and then settle for a model that comes with an appropriate size duct adapter.

Additionally, consider an exhaust fan that comes with a light for easier wiring and added convenience. If you are planning to install the fan over a tub/shower combination, make sure that it UL-listed, i.e., it is certified for certain uncommon locations. Lastly, for safety purposes, consider hiring professionals for the correct and safe installation of your fan.


When planning to purchase an electrical item, aiming for efficiency should be your top priority. Today, exhaust fans are advancing and becoming more efficient than ever! While some consume less energy than others, some meet qualifications for low wattage consumption and low sound emission along with being powerful. Choose a quiet fan for the bathroom that offers you value for money and is also an environmentally-friendly option.

Noise Level

While some bathroom exhaust fans produce sounds like jet engines, others offer a peaceful experience. It is best to opt for a quieter model that is ideal for bathroom or kitchen use. A model that has a sone rating of two or under often proves to be the best choice.


The installation and appearance characteristics of quiet bathroom exhaust fans can make it easy for individuals to find a product that is right for them and fulfills all their personal needs.

Standard Exhaust Fans

If you are looking for a replacement for older fan installations, getting a standard bathroom fan might be your best bet. These fans not only feature the same bulky assembly footprint but also offer an updated look that is more aesthetically pleasing. These exhaust fans can be mounted in a wall or the ceiling and may include some basic features such as multiple-setting controls and integrated lights. Moreover, they also feature heat lamps or heaters that help make the environment warmer.

Decorative Exhaust Fans

As the name suggests, decorative exhaust fans are specially designed for their aesthetics. They are often quieter and blend well with the existing décor of any room. If you desire an exhaust fan that adds to the beauty of your bathroom without compromising on performance, look for a decorative fan unit that comes with additional features.

In-Line Exhaust Fans

In-line exhaust fans are relatively quiet, and they are often installed in confined spaces. They are used to ventilate multiple exhaust points or rooms for increased airflow by connecting within a house’s ductwork. Since the motor of this type of unit doesn’t rest against the wall or on the ceiling, it can be easily hidden behind any standard wall vent.

Best Quiet Exhaust Fan for Bathroom – Reviews

1) Panasonic WhisperFit EZ Retrofit Exhaust Fan for Bathroom with Light

The Panasonic WhisperFit EZ Retrofit Exhaust Fan for Bathroom with Light is a reasonably priced product that delivers energy-efficient and quiet ventilation. These fans are ideal for various settings, including residential remodeling, renovations, and hotel constructions. This product features a built-in Pick-A-Flow speed selector that enables users to adjust the airflow according to their personal needs.

Panasonic WhisperFit EZ Retrofit Exhaust Fan for Bathroom with Light

With the ability to select a CFM level, the user can fulfill their ventilation requirements and enjoy the performance they desire. This fan also features a contemporary flush mount grille that comes with an LED night light integrated that provides warm illumination. The Flex-Z fast installation bracket, along with a removable installation adapter, makes the entire process of setting up the fan for use very convenient and easy. Lastly, this product is Energy Star certified, and therefore it provides greater comfort and efficiency with less noise.

Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 7.3 inches

  • Manufactured by a reputable brand
  • ECM motor offers highly efficient operation
  • Very powerful – rated up to 110 CFM
  • UL listed for shower/tub with GFCI
  • It may not be suitable for 2 x 4 wall construction

Our rating: 4.7 / 5

2) Broan-NuTone Quiet Ceiling Bathroom Exhaust Fan

The Broan-NuTone Quiet Ceiling Bathroom Exhaust Fan is not only high-quality, but it is also very energy efficient and quiet. It runs on only 0.3 sones using a motor that is specially manufactured for continuous operation. The device operates at 80 CFM in spaces up to 75 sqft. Since this fan can be easily installed, potential users might not need to hire professionals for the purpose.

Broan-NuTone Quiet Ceiling Bathroom Exhaust Fan

This fan can be used over showers or bathtubs only after being connected to a GFCI-approved branch circuit. Along with featuring a hanger bar system for convenient installation, this product also uses a 6-inch ducting for optimal performance. The Broan-NuTone Quiet Ceiling Bathroom Exhaust Fan is HVI certified and Energy Star qualified, ensuring the best quality. If you are in search of a rare combination of extremely quiet operation and power then this might be the ideal choice for you.

Dimensions: 11.38 x 7.63 x 10.5 inches

  • Very quiet
  • High-quality build
  • Energy Star and HVI certified
  • Can be used with 6-inch ducting
  • Hanger bar system included for easy installation
  • Installing a 6-inch duct might be difficult

Our rating: 4.6 Star Rating 4.6 / 5

3) DELTA ELECTRONICS BreezSlim Exhaust Bath Fan

The DELTA ELECTRONICS BreezSlim Exhaust Bath Fan is known for its ability to execute high performance while consuming as low energy as possible. The enlarged grille of this unit helps obscure and relieve cutting errors. This quiet fan for the bathroom features an LED indicator light that assures users that the fan is powered on and running. The brushless motor design of this unit ensures longer life, lower power consumption, and lower noise.

DELTA ELECTRONICS BreezSlim Exhaust Bath Fan

Since this exhaust fan is UL-listed for wall mount and ceiling installation, users can position it according to their personal preference. If you are looking for a top-performing, high-quality ventilation fan of the ideal size, features, airflow level, and price, then the DELTA ELECTRONIC BreezSlim might be just the right solution for you!

Dimensions: 11.25 x 10.5 x 4 inches

  • Enlarged grille cover efficiently obscures any poor drywall cuts
  • Can be utilized for both 3- and 4-inch ducting
  • Can easily fit in standard-size stud walls of older homes
  • High-quality galvanized steel construction
  • Duct adapter included
  • When used with a 3-inch duct, the sound might increase to 0.9 sones
  • The motor starts slowly and continuously increases to top speed in about 5 seconds (this can be considered both, a pro and con)

Our rating: 4.4 Star Rating 4.4 / 5

4) Hauslane Ultra Quiet Electric Exhaust Fan for Bathroom with Light

The Hauslane Ultra Quiet Electric Exhaust Fan for Bathroom with Light features a powerful ventilation system along with a highly-efficient motor that is rated at 120 CFM. These characteristics make this product suitable for removing moisture from any hot bathroom and preventing mildew and mold in similar humid environments.

Hauslane Ultra Quiet Electric Exhaust Fan for Bathroom with Light

The 1007 RPM model works quietly and doesn’t disturb anyone else in the house. This exhaust fan is rated at 1.2 sones, allowing users to enjoy a minimum noise level. This quiet exhaust fan is ideal for rooms of up to 120 sqft. Along with being highly efficient, this fan comes with a 6W LED light panel that offers convenient room illumination. Give the Hauslane Ultra Quiet Electric Exhaust Fan a try today!

Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 7.75 inches

  • Removes unpleasant odors effectively
  • Energy-efficient
  • LED lights included
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Great customer service
  • The bluish light may not be appealing to all users
  • Among the loudest in the quietest category

Our rating: 4.3 / 5

5) KAZE APPLIANCE Ultra Quiet Bathroom Exhaust Fan

The KAZE APPLIANCE Ultra Quiet Bathroom Exhaust Fan features a night light and CFL light, offering additional illumination when needed. This fan ventilated the air in any confined setting while offering ample light to help users find their way in the dark. Constructed with permanently lubricated motors and high-quality components, this exhaust fan provides continuous, hassle-free operation.

KAZE APPLIANCE Ultra Quiet Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Moreover, the galvanized steel housing of this product prevents it from rusting in the long run. The sturdy triple point mounting brackets of this fan can be adjusted for a fast, easy, and standard installation in any type of setting. To experience quality performance and quiet operation, give this exhaust fan a try today!

Dimensions: 11.38 x 10.5 x 7.63 inches

  • 3-year warranty
  • UL Listed and ETL certified
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Noise level of fewer than 0.3 sones
  • The motors are permanently lubricated
  • 26-gauge housing
  • High-quality galvanized steel construction
  • Not very easy to install
  • Cold tone of the light
  • The uncovered slots are too apart, you can see the vents, which gives it an unappealing look (but how often do you look straight above you, right?)

Our rating: 4.2 / 5

Bottom Line

Inadequate ventilation can put the flooring, ceiling, walls, and other areas of your bathroom at risk for long-term damage from mildew and mold. For this purpose, it is important that you install a powerful but quiet bathroom fan right away. We hope that with our detailed guide, you can find the best quiet exhaust fan for the bathroom that strikes a good balance between a reasonable cost, the right noise rating, and optimized functionality!

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