6 Best Quiet Range Hoods on the Market

Are you a restaurant owner with a busy kitchen or a kitchen enthusiast who loves to play around with the pots and pans in your cookhouse? In either case, you would know how important a range hood is for any kitchen.

After all, a good range hood prevents smells from your kitchen to seep into the rest of your house. It is also effective against removing steam and smoke from the kitchen, avoid grease build up on your kitchen cabinets and save you from the hassle of cleaning some huge messes. However, the benefits of even the best and most effective range hoods can easily be discounted if they are too loud.

Perhaps, the most challenging aspect of shopping for a range hood is not just the quality of the product but the noise level it creates in your kitchen. If your range hood is too loud, it can disrupt communication in a busy kitchen and can drive you crazy even in a not-so-busy scullery.

Below, you will find reviews on the six best quiet range hood that will be the right fit for your home, followed by a discussion on what to look for when choosing a silent range hood.

What to Look For?

You are already aware of the six quietest range hood, but you also need to know about some of the critical features that you must consider when investing in a range hood. While almost all range hoods perform the same function, there is an overwhelming variety that can make your choice difficult, But to make the right choice, you should keep in mind the following eight considerations.

Noise Level

Is the noise of your range hood the primary concern for you? If yes, then take a look at the noise level a particular range hood is producing. As a general rule, the more powerful the motor is (higher CFM), the louder it is likely to be. So make sure you find out all the relevant information about the maximum noise and motor performance before you make a purchase decision.

Motor Performance

Motor performance is measured with cubic feet per minute, (CFM), and the numeric value shows how air your range hood is moving out of the kitchen. A range hood with higher CFM is more effective and can move out more air, but it often accompanies louder noise. So you have to look at the trade-off between performance and noise level.

Compatibility with Ductwork or Ductless Options 

A range hood can work in two ways. Either it can blow the fumes from your kitchen outside the house through an external exhaust, or it can recycle the air back into the kitchen. The latter is a ductless option that does not integrate with the existing ductwork in your home and is ideal for homes that lack existing ductwork. But if you are looking for options with external exhausts, then you need to make a choice accordingly.

Vent Size and Position

If you intend to install your range hood into the existing ductwork in your home, you will have to find out an option that is compatible with your existing system. Make sure you check for vent sizes and choose the one that is appropriate.

Moreover, size is not the only consideration. You should take note of the position of your vent. If there is a single vent, you will have to ensure that the range hood location is compatible with the location of your vent. However, you can find range hood options that come with multiple vent options, so make sure you know about the vent position.


Most range hoods come with dishwasher safe, stainless-steel baffle filters that are more efficient in terms of trapping grease and are the best choice. However, some range hood options come with different types of filters (like mesh filters and aluminium filters). So don’t forget to inquire about the filters when you are planning your purchase.

Range hood Size

A key consideration is the range hood size. Take a look at the size of your kitchen. Does it need a wide range hood or a sleek and slim range hood will add more to the look? Depending on the size of the kitchen, check the width and height of your desired product and then make a well-thought-out purchase decision.

Controls – Touch or Manual

Do you prefer touch controls or are you into pushing buttons? You can easily range hoods that offer both touch control and mechanical buttons, but you need to decide based on your preference and convenience.

Type of RangeHood

Do you want a range hood to fit under the cabinet or to mount on the wall? Are you looking for an option that fits the wall or are you someone who prefers a range hood supported by the ceiling? Depending upon where you want to place your range hood, you can find several options.

6 Best Options for You

Armed with the knowledge from above, let’s jump to the most important part of the guide.

1) Cosmo COS-QS75 30 in. Under Cabinet Range Hood 

Cosmo COS-QS75 30 in. Under Cabinet Range Hood 


Product Dimension: 22 x 29.5 x 10”

Weight: 52.8 pounds

Material: Stainless Steel

Speed: 4-speed levels

Maximum Noise Level: 56 dB

The Cosmo COS-QS75 may not be one of the quietest range hoods available on the market, but it is indeed a high-performance, low-noise option. And given its exceptional performance, compromising on the slight noise will be a smart choice. The fan can work on four-speed levels, and the range hood is quieter on lower settings. Perhaps the most prominent feature is the high power 500 CPM motor that allows you to enjoy the fresh air as you cook your favorite meal.

Another distinguishing feature is the permanent stainless steel filters that are dishwasher safe and have a very long life. The range hood comes with built-in LED lights and a 5-yar warranty. Moreover, the Cosmo range hood can be used with your existing ductwork, but you can also convert it so that it can be used without external ducts.

The modern construct, convertibility and the sleek design can be a perfect addition to your modern kitchen.

  • Compatible with existing ducts and can be used without external ducts.
  • 4 fan speed options.
  • Long-lasting, energy-efficient LED lights.
  • Permanent filters are dishwasher safe and durable.
  • Additional accessories required if you are planning to use it without existing ductwork.
  • Slightly loud than other quiet range hoods.

Our rating: 4.6 Star Rating 4.6 / 5

2) Broan E66130SS Elite Ultra Quiet Range Hood

Broan E66130SS Elite Ultra Quiet Range Hood


Product Dimension: 36.24 x 24.96 x 7.8”

Weight: 30 pounds

Material: Stainless Steel

Speed: 3 speeds

Maximum Noise Level: 14dB

When we are talking about the quietest range hoods, how can we miss out on Broan E66130SS Elite Ultra Quiet Range Hood? It operates at a noise level of around 14 dB and is one of the quietest range hoods that you can find on the market. The powerful motor can blow out as much as 600 CFM air out of your kitchen and works at three-speed levels, making it one of the essential kitchen accessories.

The range hood is not just quieter but is also smaller compared to other low noise level range hoods but is also efficient. The three-speed option allows you to find the right performance depending upon the cooking activity in your kitchen. Moreover, the automatic heat detection and activation of the range hood is another unique feature of this product. Additionally, your range hood will remember the last speed setting for improved performance. The 50-watt halogen bulb is enough to brighten up your galley, and the stainless steel construct adds to durability along with low noise and high performance. For a super quiet, modern kitchen, this Broan range hood is the best choice.

  • Sleek and compact design.
  • Efficient performance.
  • Ultra-quiet.
  • Available in multiple colors.
  • Dishwasher safe filters.
  • Halogen lights cannot be replaced with LED lights.
  • The control buttons may be dysfunctional in some cases.

Our rating: 4.4 Star Rating 4.4 / 5

3) Golden Vantage Island Mount Range Hood –30” Stainless-Steel 

Golden Vantage Island Mount Range Hood –30in Stainless-Steel


Product Dimension: 23.6 x 29.5 x 55.7”

Weight: 62.3 pounds

Material: Stainless Steel

Speed: 3 speeds

Maximum Noise Level: 65 dB

If you are looking for a powerful range hood that is strong enough to blow away the grease and steam but quiet enough to keep you comfortable in the kitchen, then the range hood from Golden Vantage Island is an excellent choice. It works at three different speeds, so it gives the option to adjust the performance depending upon your needs. Moreover, regardless of the speed, the noise level remains at or below 65 dB.

Low noise and exceptional performance are not the only striking features of this range hood. There is a lot more. It is build using a stainless-steel design that gives it strength and durability. Moreover, the air that flows out of your kitchen is recycled by the filters and returned back to the kitchen. The mesh filters are dishwasher safe so cleaning the filters is super easy. The built-in LED lights enhance visibility while cooking, and the touch screen controls add more to convenience. Lastly, it adds a classy look to your cookhouse.

  • Built with high-quality stainless steel.
  • Filters are dishwasher safe.
  • Touch-screen for easy control
  • Max noise level is 65 dB.
  • Not a good option if you want your kitchen air to exhaust outside the house or building.
  • The integrated bright light is really… bright.

Our rating: 4.3 / 5

4) FIREBIRD Stainless Steel 36″ Euro Style Island Mount Range Hood LED Screen

FIREBIRD Stainless Steel 36″ Euro Style Island Mount Range Hood LED Screen


Product Dimension: 23.5 x 35.3 x 49.3”

Weight: 64.7 pounds

Material: Stainless Steel

Speed: 3 speed

Maximum Noise Level: 65 dB

Do you need a range hood that is not by the wall? Then go for Firebird Stainless Steel Island Mount Range Hood. The convertible range hood includes everything that you need for installation. The touch controls for speed control and lights makes it an even more convenient option. The range hood has a maximum noise level of 65 dB, and the motor performs at 343 CFM. The three-speed option gives a perfect balance to power and noise.

The stainless steel body is easy to clean, and the stainless steel filters are dishwasher safe. The product comes with a 3-year warranty so know that you can enjoy a post-purchase relation with the company.

  • Touch controls.
  • Easy ceiling installation.
  • Dishwasher safe, stainless-steel baffle filters.
  • Three-speed options.
  • The motor is slightly less powerful compared to other quiet range hoods.
  • Cannot be mounted on wall or cabinet.

Our rating: 4.2 / 5

5) KOBE INX2730SQB-700-2 Brillia 30-inch Built-in – Insert Range Hood

KOBE INX2730SQB-700-2 Brillia 30-inch Built-in - Insert Range Hood


Product Dimension: 11.25 x 27.56 x 10.25

Weight: 21.6 pounds

Material: Stainless Steel

Speed: 3 speed

Maximum Noise Level: 26 dB at lowest speed setting

A super discreet, silent range hood is the KOBE INX2730SQB-700-2 that is super easy to install and will surely gel in well with your existing kitchen. The slim and sleek range hood is powerful (550 CFM) and is one of the most silent range hoods you can find on the market. The quietest setting produces 26 dB noise level, but you can expect a more powerful show at higher speeds. The 3 LED lights are enough to brighten up your stove, and the baffle filters ensure that your kitchen remains as grease-free as possible. The KOBE range hood is easy to maintain and clean, and the stainless steel finish adds a great look to your kitchen despite being not so obvious.

  • Three speed options with varying sound levels.
  • Built-in LED lights.
  • Dishwasher safe, baffle filters.
  • Designed as an insert range hood.
  • Mechanical buttons (no touch controls)
  • Limited information about noise levels on higher speed.
  • A bit more expensive than others on our list

Our rating: 4.1 Star Rating 4.1 / 5

6) Broan-Nutone RMP17004 Elite Custom Power Pack for External Blower

Broan-Nutone RMP17004 Elite Custom Power Pack for External Blower


Product Dimension: 11.25 x 27.56 x 2”

Weight: 36.2 pounds

Material: Stainless Steel

Speed: Speed adjusts according to the heat

Maximum Noise Level: 60 dB

Another excellent choice for an insert range hood is the Broan Nutone RMP 17004. The discreet range hood can perform at 400 CFM with a noise level of 60 dB. The built-in system supports several speed levels, but the performance depends upon the heat in the kitchen. Moreover, the range hood is compatible with duct vents but does not have ductless compatibility.

The Nutone insert range hood is easy to clean and comes with dishwasher safe, aluminium filters. Furthermore, the built-in lights can brighten up your kitchen even when lighting is a concern in your cookhouse.

This product is an equally smart range hood, both domestic and commercial use.

  • Several fan speeds.
  • Sleek design.
  • Compatible with cabinets of varying lengths.
  • Performance adjusts according to the heat.
  • Limited performance and noise ratio.
  • Cannot be converted for ductless operation.
  • Aluminium filters.

Our rating: 4.0 / 5

Final Words

Range hoods are a kitchen essential that can help you get rid of fumes as you cook. Moreover, it deters grease build-up, which is a serious kitchen concern. While it is not usually a safety concern in households, grease build-up can be a danger in commercial settings.

And only a range hood that is powerful enough can help you deal with the problem. But given the wide variety of range hoods available on the market, finding the right one for your kitchen can be challenging. Using the information in this guide, you are likely to end up with a smart decision for your kitchen.

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