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Maybe the past year and a half of virus preparedness has taught you the importance of having a good home office while working at home. Maybe you’re starting to get back into the swing of things, which includes a return to your old office at work. Either way, one thing is for certain: no matter who you are or what kind of work you do, chances are that you could use a small computer desk with a keyboard tray.

While that may seem highly specific, desks that are computer- and keyboard-compatible are surprisingly common. Then again, maybe it shouldn’t be much of a surprise at all. Whether you work in nursing or accounting; are a teacher, lawyer, programmer, or anything in between; write articles for a living (hi there!); or read and reply to a ton of emails for your daily work, let’s be real.

It’s 21st century, for God’s sake, you definitely use your computer for part of your work and/or home life, and when you do, you don’t want to hunch over or feel cramped by a bad computer-desk setup. If you’re going to put in all those hours looking at emails and articles (such as this one) you may as well do so in a setup that’s as comfortable as it is with your home or workplace office setup.

And now that we’ve agreed on that basic truth, let’s look at the truisms of what you’ll want to look for in a small desk with a keyboard tray along with some of the best options on the market today.

What to Look For Before Purchase

Your quest for a quality small desk with a keyboard tray can basically be broken down into three basic questions:

  • What is your office aesthetic?
  • What is your office layout like?
  • And what is your budget?


Let’s start with the last one first, since it’s the question that nobody likes to think about. Still, we all have to deal with budgets. This means figuring out how much you have available to spend on a desk such as this, and just how much you’re willing to spend. Because, again, let’s be honest: those are two very different questions. You might have a few hundred dollars to spend on office renovations, but do you really want to spend that much, and on a single furnishing no less?

Well, it actually might be worth that big of an investment. While there are plenty of small desks with keyboard areas on this list priced at less than a hundred dollars, it’s not at all uncommon to see desks such as these drift into the mid-hundreds range. Of course, those often have a lot more features or boast sleeker and more ergonomic designs. This thus begs another question: what are you planning to actually do at your desk, anyway?

For example, if you do a lot of typing for your job, you’re going to want to look at how the tray rolls out and what position it’s in so you don’t have to hunch over. If you have to store a lot of things around your desk for your job, you’ll want to make sure that you have a desk with plenty of space. Wire management is no joke, so you’ll want to think ahead about how everything will fit together to avoid tangles.

Office Layout

Of course, this dovetails back to our second big question, namely what your office layout is like and how that might influence your desk needs. For example, if you only have a small amount of space to work with, you obviously won’t want a huge desk. This is supposed to be a small computer desk with a keyboard tray, after all. That said, you don’t want to be cramped, either, and if you have to store a lot of documents or hardware there, a larger desk may be necessary.

Desk Shape

Even more important is the shape of the desk. How well does it fit into the office? What are the measurements like in relation to those of your office space, and how do the corners fit?


Finally, you’ll want to spare a thought to the aesthetics. Warm, deep, reddish-brown wooden colors can be a great way to brighten up an office. On the other hand, sleek black and white tones, clear glass finishes, and sharp minimalist shapes are all the rage among those looking for a more modernist office aesthetic.

Size & Functionality

You don’t want your desk to clash with the rest of your office décor, so don’t just think about how the desk itself looks but, as with the size and functionality, how it fits in with the bigger picture of your office life.

Our Chosen Models

Now that we know what to look for, here are the eight models that we’ve picked for you.

1) Flash Furniture’s Glass Desk

If you love sleek glass and minimalism, this may well be the work desk for you. It measures 39.25” x 23.5” x 29” and weighs about 35 pounds, with a slide-out keyboard tray that measures 23.5” x 11.75” x 3.5” from the top and 25.75” from the floor. It pairs that sleek black top with a set of cherry wooden legs crisscrossing elegantly underneath. This and the sleek finish helps create a modernist chic style. Its tempered glass top is 5mm thick, and is reasonably strong for its size.

Flash Furniture Jude Black Glass Computer Desk with Pull-Out...
  • Breathe new life into your work area whether it's your dorm...
  • Space-saving design with strong, 5mm thick black tempered...
  • Cherry finished plywood crisscross legs with floor glides,...
  • Black sliding keyboard tray: 23.5"W x 11.75"D x 3.5"H from...
  • PRODUCT MEASUREMENTS: Overall Size: 35.5"W x 23.75"D x...

On the other hand, while those crisscrossing legs may look pretty, they don’t offer any storage space, so if you’re looking to store files, games, or anything else in your desk, you’ll be out of luck with this model. At the same time, some users have found the unit difficult to assemble. That said, this model barely tops the hundred-dollar mark, so it’s a reasonably inexpensive option style-wise.

  • Sleek glassy modernist chic
  • Lovely cherry legs
  • Space-saving build
  • Practically zero storage space
  • Challenging assembly for some

2) Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation

Well, if that first glass desk had you looking “through a glass darkly,” this option is a crystal-clear alternative even if it is tempered glass than see-through options. On the other hand, this desk is a lot bigger than the “more glassy” glass desk above, measuring 48” x 26” x 36” and weighing in at 71.72 pounds. In short, this definitely isn’t a desk for those with a small amount of space or who can’t lift or deal with a heavier desk.

Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation
  • Overall Dimensions: 48"W x 26"D x 36"H | Weight: 71.72 lbs.
  • Contemporary style desk in a cherry finish with black...
  • Clear tempered glass with black border for safety
  • Chrome cylinder glass supports
  • Pull-out keyboard tray with room for a mouse
  • Castors for easy mobility

As with the model above, this desk makes glorious use of an elegant cherry finish accented with sleek black, which offsets those cylindrical glass supports rather nicely. What’s more, unlike the Flash Furniture option, it has a shelf near the bottom of the unit for storage.

  • Lovely finish
  • Cylindrical glass supports
  • Convenient shelf on the bottom
  • Bigger, heavier size that makes it more difficult from a portability standpoint

3) OneSpace Glass Computer Desk

If those first two options have left you staring “through the looking glass” in dissatisfaction, maybe this model will prove more a window into your desires – especially if they are budget conscious as we reach the first sub-hundred-dollar option on this list. At the same time, this is a highly minimalist unit, so while it’s space-saving, it’s also quite pared down compared to other models.

OneSpace Ultramodern Glass Computer Desk, Black
  • Sleek, adaptive design is attractive from all sides; matches...
  • Frosted tempered safety Glass surface add ultramodern appeal
  • Heavy-duty Steel frame supports up to 165 pounds; computer...
  • Ideal for any home office, kid's room or dorm room
  • Measures 33.5 inches wide by 22.75 inches deep by 30 inches...

Once again, you’ll need to say adios to any extra storage space, as this unit makes use of fold-out legs with no shelves or drawers. On the other hand it is highly compact, measuring just 33.5” x 22.75” x 30” and weighing just over 36 pound.

Its glass is less see-through than that offered by the Flash Furniture option, but it is far glassier than the Z-Line supports in appearance, boasting a sleek frosted look. What’s more, despite its glassier appearance, it is surprisingly strong, with the steep frame on its underside helping it to support up to 165 pounds. Meanwhile, its slide out computer tray is a comfortable fit for most keyboards, making it a good choice for those with a lot of typing to do.

All of this taken together makes it a surprise contender for the title of best glass computer desk on this list as well as one of the better budget options for a small computer desk with a keyboard tray.

  • Compact yet strong glass-and-steel build
  • Frosted glass that provides a nice aesthetic touch
  • Compatible with most keyboards
  • Sub-hundred-dollar price
  • No extra storage space

4) VECELO Corner Computer Desk

Remember what we said about paying attention to how well a desk fits into a corner? This desk takes that idea as the starting point for its design, and that’s a big reason why it’s a winner.

VECELO Corner Computer Desk 41 x 30 inches with Smooth...
  • Corner desk with keyboard tray and two open shelves on the...
  • Made of high quality MDF which ensures sturdy and durable ....
  • This exquisite corner desk can be used in many places, such...
  • The large space under the keyboard tray and the corner table...
  • Overall Dimensions:W41 x D28 x H30inch. Easy to...

The aforementioned three glass desks all have their pros and cons, but none of them are strictly designed as a “corner desk.” They are meant to be used in the middle of a room or angled towards a flat wall. If you want or need a desk that is specifically designed to fit into a corner, however, you’ll want one that is actually shaped with a middle point and then wings on its left and right-hand side — such as this neat little model from VECELO.

That corner-friendly design is helped by the fact that this is another compact model, albeit one that’s a little bigger than the OneSpace desk, measuring 41” x 28” x 30”. This is also another lightweight model, weighing just 36 pounds. The desk itself is fashioned from engineered wood that has a nice rustic deep brown look to it, so if that matches your ideal office aesthetic, this corner desk may be one to consider.

In addition to its corner design and keyboard tray, this model features two shelves which open on the side. As a result, this unit offers a surprising amount of space and makes this one of the best options for a small computer desk with a keyboard tray that doubles as a corner desk.

  • Compact corner-friendly design
  • Good storage options for a corner desk
  • Nice rustic design
  • Some users have reported missing parts

5) Calico Designs Arch Tower Desk

Maybe you’re like Johnny in Dirty Dancing and think “Nobody puts baby in the corner,” but on the off chance they do, you may as well have a corner desk that affords extra storage space such as this model. Where the VELECO offered a relatively conventional design that nestles neatly into corners with pull-out drawers, the Arch Tower from Calico Designs offers a completely different answer to the issue of storage — pile shelves on top of each other.

Calico Designs Arch Tower Corner Computer Tower Multipurpose...
  • Main Work Surface: 47.25"W x 23.5" D
  • 2 Upper Shelves: 31.5"W x 11"D and 1 Lower Shelf: 47.25"W x...
  • Slide Out Keyboard: 29"W x 11.75"D
  • 2 Speakers Shelves and 2 CD Storage with 5 Slots each
  • Floor Levelers for Uneven Surfaces

The result is the titular “tower” design, taking advantage of vertical space to give you three shelves (four counting one at your feet beneath the keyboard tray.) If you don’t mind stacking things above your head, this is a unique space-saving measure that can help you cram a lot into a small area.

The cost starts to stack higher at this point as well, however. While this is by no means an “expensive” desk, it’s approaching a couple hundred dollars, so it’s not a “budget” option, either. It is also a larger desk, measuring 47.25” x 25” x 74” and weighing 68 pounds. The upper shelves measure 31.5” x 11” each, while the shelf near the keyboard tray measures 47.25” x 23.25” and the keyboard tray itself is 29” x 11.75”.

In short, this model is “bigger” in every way for a corner desk. If that appeals to you, go big or go home (preferably with this as a home office desk).

  • Innovative multi-tier design
  • Offers lots of room and storage options
  • Good-sized keyboard tray
  • Good for those needing a larger desk
  • Heavier than other options
  • A bit on the pricier side

6) Techni Mobili’s Complete Computer Workstation

This model offers a slightly more decentralized design with shelves sticking out here and there. While that may be off-putting to those wanting a more streamlined or traditional design, this more contemporary aesthetic affords users three to four different shelf levels. It also features an open-backed design, which is a huge win for those looking for more freedom and less of a tangle-happy nightmare in terms of wire management.

Techni Mobili Complete Computer Workstation Desk, Gray,...
  • Heavy-duty MDF panels with a moisture resistant PVC laminate...
  • Scratch resistant powder-coated steel legs
  • Keyboard shelf, bottom CPU shelf, utility drawer, accessory...
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Ships in 1 box

The shelves are laminated and moisture resistant. The keyboard can hold 30 pounds, while the desktop overall can hold up to 80 pounds, which is decent, but as we’ve seen, other models can hold far more.

This model measures 22” x 38” x 35”, putting it on the smaller side. However, it also tips the scales on the heavier side at 52 pounds.

  • Unique decentralized design
  • Durable laminated shelves and keyboard tray
  • Compact design
  • Heavy for its size
  • Other models have a higher weight capacity

7) OneSpace Essential Computer Desk

If you imagine your work desk exuding a more traditionally law office-esque appearance, this deep wooden well-finished bureau-bearing model could be the one for you. Boasting a beautiful deep black Melamine finish that exudes class, this model offers drawer space while offering a small hole through which to filter wires.

OneSpace Essential Computer Desk, Hutch with Pull-Out...
3,388 Reviews
OneSpace Essential Computer Desk, Hutch with Pull-Out...
  • VERSATILE WORK DESK: Our computer desk is a perfect...
  • FUNCTIONAL DESK: This large office desk includes ample desk...
  • MODERN COMPUTER DESK: Whether you need a large computer desk...
  • DURABLE & CLASSIC: Our sturdy computer desk weighs 76 lbs....
  • YOUR ONESPACE FOR STYLE: OneSpace helps you furnish any...
  • Included components: hardware

The unit itself measures 43.25” wide, 21.75” deep, and 37.5” in height — at least, the main surface does. There are several subdivisions to that for the hutch, shelves, keyboard tray, and right-hand side drawer, offering you a good amount of storage space. However, the whole thing is heavy at 76 pounds, so once you place it somewhere, you’d better imagine it remaining there for the long haul.

  • Wooden finish exudes elegance
  • Great aesthetic for formal settings such as law offices
  • Tons of storage space
  • Highly stable design
  • Heavy and hard-to-move desk

8) FEZIBO Dual Motor Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk with Keyboard Tray

Here we have the most expensive option on this list by far, costing a few hundred dollars. On the other hand, oh, the bells and whistles that this model brings to the table, er, computer desk. First of all, it’s fashioned from a special alloy steel, which makes it incredibly durable and has a weight capacity of an impressive 176 pounds.

FEZIBO Dual Motor Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk...
243 Reviews
FEZIBO Dual Motor Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk...
  • Electric Height Adjustable: There are 3 preset buttons to...
  • Professional Keyboard Tray: Keep your mouse and keyboard...
  • Electric Lift System: The lift system with sturdy steel....
  • Simple Assembly: The desk top comes packaged in splice board...
  • Lockable Casters: Swivel casters rotate 360 degrees which...

On top of that, it allows you to change the height of the desk itself with the press of a button. Say goodbye to hunching over the desk or always feeling as though your desk and keyboard tray are too high or too low. With three presets buttons, you can raise the height from 32.87” to 52.56” and anything in between.

What’s more, this model features lockable casters on the bottom, meaning that you can swivel your desk around to just the position you want and then lock it in place there to avoid it rolling around or accidentally scratching your floor. That’s good, because this model is quite heavy at 78.8 pounds while measuring 48” x 24” x 27.6”.

  • High-tech ability to raise and lower the desk
  • Great weight capacity
  • Lockable anti-rolling casters for added stability
  • Lengthy desk with added shelf space on either side of the “main” desk
  • Pricey at a few hundred dollars
  • Pretty heavy

In Conclusion

So, which small computer desk with a keyboard tray is right for you? It depends on your needs.

If you’re looking for a small desk with a keyboard tray and nothing more, the cost-effective, chic Flash Furniture and OneSpace Glass desk offer style and sturdiness, just no storage to go along with it. If you do want some shelves and drawers, the Calico and VECELO both offer good if very different options for corner desks, while the OneSpace Essential desk offers tons of drawers, albeit little to no portability.

And if you want a small desk with a keyboard tray with a hi-tech twist, FEZIBO’s option offers a (somewhat pricey) vision of the future of computer desk design.

Whatever work you do there, having a solid small computer desk with a keyboard tray can go a long way towards making your workspace that much more welcoming and comfortable.

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