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The demand for portable computer tables and small corner desks has lately been off the charts. And you don’t have to wonder why.

If there’s one aspect of our lives that the COVID-19 pandemic has most radically changed, it’s the way we work. Over the past couple of months, millions of people who never thought of working from home were left with no option but to turn their bedroom, living room, or even kitchen into their office. But working from the couch or hunched over the dining table isn’t sustainable in the long run. You need to set up a proper home office, and perhaps the easiest way to do that is to invest in a small corner computer desk or table.

It doesn’t cost thousands of dollars and yet helps you create a decent workspace so you can comfortably complete your office chores at home.

We searched the market for the best small corner desks and have listed them down in this article for you to review. But before you look into the options, it’s essential to know what type of desk you really need.

Read the following section to find out:

What to Look for In a Small Corner Desk?

Corner desks come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. When buying one for your home office, it’s critical that you pick a desk that is compatible with your specific work style. For this, you need to weigh in the following features:


Corner tables are usually L-shaped as it allows you to fit them into, well, the corner of any room. The edges are finished on both sides in case you need to move them around. If you have rather limited space in the house, it’s better to opt for a linear-shaped desk as they are more flexible in terms of orientation. However, if you have sufficiently large space, go for an L- or U-shaped corner desk as it gives you more surface area to work with.

Size and Height

The size and height of the desk are of prime importance in ensuring a comfortable and ergonomic setup. No matter how good it looks, always check the dimensions of the desk to make sure it will fit into the existing space. Similarly, pay attention to the desk height. If other family members, such as your children, will be using the desk from time to time, consider going for one that has an adjustable height.


The most common material manufacturers use for a small corner computer desk is wood. This is because wood is cheaper and more durable than most of the alternative materials. Moreover, wooden tables are more versatile in terms of aesthetics and matching different interiors. Glass tables have a touch of modernism, but they are quite sleek, which limits their functionality and storage space. A wooden corner desk with a glass top can offer you the best of both construction styles.

You can also find corner desks made from steel, plastic, and acrylic. But never go for a pretty looking desk if it doesn’t look sturdy enough to bear the weight of all your office equipment without collapsing.


A small corner desk with hutch is always more functional than a desk without a hutch. You might not need storage space as such, but a compact corner desk with extra drawers and compartments is something no wise buyer would say no to. You should look for desks that have a keyboard tray or side shelves so that the tabletop stays clutter-free.

Cable Management Slot

We don’t need to tell how annoying it is to be entangled in wires spread all over the floor and tabletop. Not only does it look messy, but it is also dangerous for you and your family members. Someone can trip over the wires or accidentally damage the equipment attached to it.  A corner desk that comes with built-in cable management slots can make life so much easier for you.

Best Small Corner Desks on the Market

Now that you know the things to consider when buying a small corner desk, take a look at our roundup of some of the best-selling corner tables in the market these days. We picked these desks on the basis of their price, performance, and overall practicality in serving their purpose well.

1) ODK Triangular Vintage Corner Desk

The ODK Triangular Vintage Corner Desk is prized for its high-quality construction combined with equally high functionality. If you live in an apartment or think your home is somewhat pint-sized with no space for a decent desk, this ultra-sleek corner desk is the ultimate choice to consider.

ODK Triangular Vintage Corner Desk

Measuring just 28 x 28 inches, this compact desk can be placed in tight corners and narrow spaces, such as those between the bed and window. The desk height is almost 30 inches. It includes a pull-out keyboard tray to ensure a better working and gaming experience by optimizing ergonomics. Plus, it saves space when the desk is not in use.

The bottom-tier triangular plank can serve as a footrest and also has a practical use for open storage. What makes its special features all the more attractive is the fact that this desk comes at a throwaway price. No matter how limited your budget might be, this desk is sure to be a feasible option for you.

  • Triangular shaped desk makes full use of the corner space
  • Ideal for gaming, working, and long typing jobs
  • Premium wood desktop
  • Waterproof and scratch-resistant surface
  • Built-in, sliding keyboard tray saves space
  • Integrated storage board helps you stay organized
  • Can support up to 220 lbs.
  • Highly affordable small corner desk
  • The work surface is rather narrow

Our rating: 4.7 / 5

2) SHW Home Office Computer Desk

The SHW Home Office Computer Desk is a no-nonsense small corner desk that is ideal for buyers who are strongly into minimalism. It has a sleek, simple, and straightforward design and can fit into virtually any and all kinds of interiors. It is perfect for use not only in home offices but also as a side table in the bedroom or a dining table in the kitchen.

SHW Home Office Computer Desk

The SHW Home Office Desk has a plain, wide top measuring 48 x 23 inches. The desk height is almost 28 inches from the ground up. The tabletop is made from environmental-friendly particleboard, while the main frame is constructed from steel legs with a powder coat finish.

  • High-quality, low maintenance corner desk
  • Linear shape saves space
  • Made from engineered wood
  • Solid steel frame legs ensure stability
  • Easy to assemble
  • Package includes all hardware for setup
  • Available in four different colors
  • Does not have any drawers for storage
  • Might not be very comfortable for extensive use
  • Not really a “corner” side

Our rating: 4.7 / 5

3) FEZIBO L-Shaped Electric Standing Corner Desk

The FEZIBO L-Shaped Electric Standing Corner Desk is a stylish yet sturdy small corner computer desk designed to fit into small spaces around the house. It has a wooden top with a steel frame and features an electric lift system for height adjustability. You can change its height from 27.6 to 47.3 inches, depending on your needs.

FEZIBO L-Shaped Electric Standing Corner Desk

Adjusting the height is easy as you won’t have to put in any manual power. It has three preset buttons and a memory function to switch to your desired height. Its 48 inches wide top surface provides you with an ample amount of space to place your computer, keyboard, and other important documents. The desk can hold up to 176 lbs. There is a set of two side hooks where you can hang your bag, headphones, jacket, etc., keeping them within easy reach.

  • Innovative design
  • Solid construction
  • Height adjustable with electric lift system
  • Anti-collision technology – built-in sensor detects and prevents the tabletop from scratching objects like the chair when the lifting column moves up and down
  • Integrated cable management tray
  • No storage space
  • The provided instructions are not very clear

Our rating: 4.5 / 5

4) GreenForest Corner Gaming and Computer Table

The GreenForest Corner Computer Table is a really versatile corner table. It is suitable for gaming, writing, office work, and more. Given its classy and elegant construction, it goes well in all modern home interiors.

GreenForest Corner Gaming and Computer Table

Like most small corner computer desks, this table is also L-shaped, but you can also turn it into U-shape if needed. The total work surface is almost 58 inches long. The desk comes with two different length boards along with a third intermediary piece. The two main boards, measuring 39 and 25 inches long, respectively, are interchangeable. This means you can keep the long board on your left or right-hand side as per your preference.

The desktop is made of eco-friendly P2 particle board, whereas the frame is constructed from steel and engineered wood.

  • Stylish corner desk
  • Durable and affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes in five different colors
  • The tabletop is waterproof and scratch-resistant
  • Can hold at least two laptops or desktop computers
  • Does not have any storage compartments
  • Fixed height (approx. 29 inches)

Our rating: 4.4 Star Rating 4.4 / 5

5) Bush Furniture Cabot Corner Desk

If you want to recreate your office cubicle vibes with a bold and impressive wooden work desk, the Bush Furniture Cabot Corner Desk may be worth your while. Note that it is relatively larger than all the other corner computer desks on this list. But it is still a practical option for various small spaces.

Bush Furniture Cabot Corner Desk

This corner desk is slightly L-shaped and has a reversible pedestal, i.e., you can place it on your left or right side as needed. It comes with a separate footrest to help you relax while you work. The pull-out tray provides an accessible and safe storage for valuable items, such as your mobile phone, important files and documents. The desktop has a weight bearing capacity of up to 200 lbs, whereas the drawers can hold a maximum of 40 lbs. The integrated wire management slots are also a nice feature to make your work from home more efficient and productive.

All in all, this small corner desk that delivers big in terms of use might be all you need to make work from home a breeze.

  • Sturdy small corner desk with hutch
  • Made with espresso oak wood
  • Reversible configuration ensures maximum user comfort
  • Sliding soft trays for keeping electronic devices secure
  • Six different furniture finishes to choose from
  • Plenty of storage compartments for files, books, etc.
  • May be beyond the budget of an average buyer
  • Several users reported that the packaging could be better

Our rating: 4.4 Star Rating 4.4 / 5

6) Sauder Beginnings Cherry Finish Corner Desk

If you are looking for a small corner desk with hutch, look no further than the Sauder Beginnings Corner Desk. Featuring solid wood construction, this sturdy desk boasts of old-world charm but still looks stylish in modern homes.

Sauder Beginnings Cherry Finish Corner Desk

There are two side shelves that are fully adjustable. The desk is almost 28 inches high, which makes it convenient to use for children and adults alike. The upper surface is approximately 53 inches long. It can hold a monitor, CPU, and keyboard and still leave considerable space for smaller office supplies.

  • Sturdy and stable design
  • Made from responsibly sourced engineered wood
  • Impressive cinnamon cherry finish
  • Adjustable side shelves
  • Offers an ample amount of storage space
  • Can hold up to two personal computers at once
  • Affordable small corner desk with hutch
  • No height adjustability
  • Is relatively heavy, thus not very portable
  • Not the easiest assembly if you are on your own

Our rating: 4.3 / 5

End Note

A small corner desk has become a household necessity in the post-pandemic world. Even if your office has already reopened, it’s good to have a proper work setup at home. You never know when the need may arise again. While there are plenty of compact computer desks in the market to choose from, the ones we listed above are some of the most sought-after due to their versatility and affordability.

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