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Ensuring that your workplace is just right can make a big difference in your productivity, and nowhere is that truer than at your desk. This is where you’ll spend hours day in and day out typing, writing, computing, creating, and focusing your mind on the task at hand. The right desk can make a big difference. For example, one of Charles Dickens’ London homes, now transformed into a museum, contains Dickens’ old writing desk where he sat and penned some of his greatest works, including his final masterpiece, Great Expectations.

However great your expectations may be for a small desk with a hutch, you’ll need to temper them against what the market has to offer and what qualities make for a good desk with a hutch in the first place. With that in mind, let’s take a deeper dive into what you should look for in a small desk with a hutch as either a standalone or corner option and see which choices are a good fit for everything from grand Victorian studies to the simple office spaces.

What to Look For

First and foremost, size matters. Whether you’re shopping for a grand Victorian desk with ornate shelves and space for writing or you are looking for the smallest desk with a hutch combo possible to fit into a tiny space, you need to ensure that the size you’re choosing fits your needs.


This also means finding a desk that suits your height. He’s thought to have been roughly 5 ft 8 in tall, but if Dickens were Dikembe Mutombo-sized instead at well over 7 ft, he might’ve had some Hard Times sitting down to write at his writing desk without feeling cramped. If you are over 6 ft, many standard desks on the market – including a small desk with a hutch – might be too small for you, and you’ll thus want to look at larger options. Try using desk height calculators to determine the optimal size match. You’ll also want to consider factors that can add to your height – if you wear high heels to work, for example, you’ll want to include that in your calculations to ensure you’re getting the right desk-hutch combo for your “work” height. In addition, you’ll want to consider the size and arrangement of your computer. Slouching or hunching over at work can be murder on your posture, so you need to make sure you find a desk-hutch arrangement that allows you to sit in an upright yet comfortable position.

Overall Dimensions

On a related note, you’ll want to take note of the desk and hutch’s measurements themselves. In particular, you want to ensure that the hutch’s base is smaller than the desk’s surface on top of which you plan to put it. In addition, it’s worth noting that some hutches feature “fluted molding” on top, which can add an inch or two to your measurements and make them bigger than the base. This may seem too big at first, but in actuality these hutch-desk combos often fit far better than you may think, so do your own measurements and spatial examination before jumping to conclusions.

In fact, you’ll probably want to measure more than once because finding the right size can be tricky, especially if you are looking for something customizable or have specific spatial desires, such as searching for the smallest desk with a hutch you can find or a small corner desk with a hutch. No matter what, remember that the hutch base should still be smaller than the desk, and that this size requirement does not change no matter the hutch or desk style. Make sure that your hutch is big enough to fit your computer if you plan to use it there. Consider the height of the highest versus the lowest shelf as well as their depth, especially if you plan on storing books, binders, or other outward-facing things there.

Purpose of the Hutch

This leads into the more meta question of what the hutch will be used for in the first place. What work are you planning to do there, and what do you plan to store there? Might adjustable shelves or tack boards be useful? Is there anything that you need to store behind a closed cabinet door?

Finally, you’ll want to think about your lighting needs. You don’t want to be left in the dark while working at your desk, and some hutches can fit lamps or other lighting sources much better than others.

Top Six Desk-Hutch Combos

1) Inbox Zero Desk with Hutch

This model pairs manufactured wood with a steel base and measures 47.24” L x 23.62” W x 29.5” H, putting it on the more compact side. It is a compromise between minimalist and more showy design styles, with a sleek modern design with gold metal and marble boards. That said, this is a very basic, no frills desk.

Inbox Zero Desk with Hutch

It also comes with anti-scratch pads, which is always a nice touch. Its adjustable feet allow you to shift its height, ensuring that you won’t have to hunch over or feel dwarfed by it.

  • Compact design
  • Anti-scratch pads
  • Adjustable feet
  • Very basic design

2) Alcott Hill Deniece Desk with Hutch

This model is definitely on the larger side, measuring 57.38” H x 62.25” W x 23.5” D overall, with a cabinet interior of 23.375” H x 10.75” W x 22.5” D, a drawer interior size 8.75” H x 12” W, and a lot of knee space (25.75” H x 29.25” W x 23.5” D). This model offers good overall weight capacity as well, being able to hold 15 lbs, the hutch sleeves can hold 7 lbs each, and the desktop area 75 lbs.

Alcott Hill Deniece Desk with Hutch

On the one hand, all of that means that this desk-hutch combo is quite solidly put together – no hint of flimsiness here. On the other hand, however, at 175 lbs, this isn’t a lightweight option by any stretch of the imagination, so you’d better be able to shoulder the load or have someone on hand or hire a professional who can do so for you.

The slide-out keyboard shelf design situated along metal runners is a nice touch. The hutch is able to store more than many others on this list, so if you are looking for a desk-hutch combo that can hold a lot, this may be a good one to consider. You get some great color choices, including Antiquated White, Curado Cherry, and Salt Oak.

  • Lots of storage space
  • Nice slide-out keyboard shelf
  • Nice color options
  • Good weight capacity
  • Quite heavy

3) South Shore Axess Desk with Hutch

This model from South Shore is available in five colors (Pure White, Weathered Oak, Pure Black, Chocolate, and Royal Cherry), each of which present a sleek minimalist aesthetic. The wood itself is recycled, which is a nice eco-friendly touch.

South Shore Axess Desk with Hutch

It maximizes the space it offers, though that may not be as much as other options. Still, it measures 37.63” H x 40.88” W overall, with the hutch measuring 38.625” W x 6.375” D, the drawer interiors measure 4.25” H x 9.5” W x 13.5” D, the shelf space 24.625” H x 13.37” W x 18.875” D, the desktop area 29.87” H x 40.875” W x 18.875” D, the model offers 24.625” H x 24.625” W x 18.125” D of knee space, and weighs in at 67 lbs. This may not be the smallest desk with a hutch out there, but if you are looking for a larger option, this is a formidable choice.

  • Nice color choices
  • Drawer gliders make opening and closing them a breeze
  • Good slide-out keyboard tray
  • Made from recycled wood
  • Not as much space as some of the largest options

4) South Shore Versa Desk with Hutch

This offering from South Shore offers a more traditional design, pairing thick cabinets with deep wood color finish. In fact, you can purchase it in at least three distinct color styles – Gray Maple, Weathered Oak, and Nordik Oak – each of which offer a distinct aesthetic that’s instantly identifying and appealing.

South Shore Versa Desk with Hutch

The model measures 37.75” H x 44.75” W x 22.75” D overall, the drawer interiors measure 3.13” H x 17.38” W x 12.25” D, the desktop space measures 44.75” W x 22” D, has plenty of knee space (29.5” H x 27.5” W x 22” D), and weighs in at 108 lbs. The small shelf underneath the desktop measures 24.875″, with the top shelves measuring 44.625″ L x 8.25″ W x 4.5″ H, and the distance from the floor to the desk (not including the hutch) is 30.12″.

This desk features two drawers on the top and space for file folders on the bottom. It features three drawers of differing heights, giving you a bit more flexibility in terms of how much space you have for different items on your desk. The hutch itself makes use of fixed dividers, which make it great for storing paperwork and envelopes.

  • Sturdy frame
  • Different shelf sizes
  • Handy hutch
  • May be too big and heavy for some

5) Williston Forge Enprise L-Shape Desk

If you are looking for a small corner desk with a hutch, this might be one to consider. It features an overall size of 29.5” H x 54.3” W x 54.3” D and the main shelf measures 13.2” H x 9.4” W x 19.3” D, while the unit overall weighs in at 55.1 lbs. This desk pairs manufactured wood with steel at the base, with the wood’s thickness measuring 16 mm and the base 0.9 mm. It comes in both a more traditional brown as well as a “rustic grey” color.

Williston Forge Enprise L-Shape Desk

The L-shape of the desk can prove a puzzle piece-perfect fit for corners, making it an ideal space-saving corner desk solution. The desk is quite sturdy and doesn’t wobble easily, which is always a good thing. That said, it still has adjustable feet that you can use to ensure that you get the exact fit you want. There is plenty of space on the shelves for cups, files, books, and anything else you might choose to store there. The open design around the legs of the table makes it easy to thread cables underneath and plug them in as needed. In addition, the top shelf can be removed to give you more space.

The shelves are pre-drilled, so you are somewhat limited in how you can arrange them. That aside, however, this model is a sharp space-saving option.

  • Good cable management
  • Plenty of space with the option to remove shelves for more space
  • Ideal for corners
  • Limited shelf arrangement options

6) Latitude Run Friedman Corner Desk with Hutch

Another example of a cozy small corner desk with a hutch, this model from Latitude Run features an elegantly angled design that fits naturally into any corner while offering great cable management. Measuring 61” H x 35.5” W x 35.5” D, with the space from the shelves to the desktop measuring 17.32”, it can easily be fitted into nooks and tight spaces. Made from manufactured wood, it features a nice, sleek design that faces outward in such a way as to neatly display items stored there.

Latitude Run Friedman Corner Desk with Hutch

This model is a bit heavy at 90 lbs, and it only has a weight capacity of 25 lbs, but overall it remains a good choice for those looking for a compact corner workstation.

  • Neat angular design
  • Good cable management
  • Compact
  • Nicely angled shelf design
  • A bit heavy

In Conclusion

If you are looking for a small corner desk with a hutch that still has plenty of space, the South Shore Axess and Versa options are great choices to consider. They’re on the larger side for a “small” desk, but that means you’ll have much more room, and they’re a definite plus from a décor standpoint. The smallest desk with a hutch on this list, the Latitude Run Friedman Corner Desk with Hutch may be an attractive compact choice.

Whether you’re looking to outfit an Old Curiosity Shop or a (Hopefully Not So) Bleak House, or just your plain old office, these desks have a lot to offer.

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