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When we think of a well-organized, decluttered, beautifully decorated and comfortable bedroom, it always comes with an elegant looking nightstand that has been placed on both sides of the bed. Many people think that the main purpose of having a bedside table is to keep things on it which we may need during the night, such as a lamp, a book, an alarm clock, medicines, cellphones, a glass of water or even snoring strips. As the nightstands are placed just beside our bed, all these things are just an arm’s length away and can easily be touched and picked while we are still lying on our bed.

Most of us switch off our alarms, answer our calls, switch on the night lamps, or reach out for snore strips while our eyes are still tight shut, and we are half asleep, all thanks to the functionality of nightstands. But when utilized the right way, a bedside table can be a lot more than that. It can be a storage space with its shelves, drawers, and cabinets and allow you to keep your bedroom clutter-free.

A small nightstand with a drawer can make your room look more spacious and neat because firstly, its small size ensures that very little space is occupied and secondly the drawers within the small nightstand will create storage space for stowing away your valuables and essentials like wristwatches, wallets, cellphones, jewelry, diary, medicines, torch, headphones, and even a pistol or Swiss knife in case there is an attack or break-in.

Regardless of whether your bedroom is big or small, a small bedside table will add a touch of style and seamlessly combine sophistication with practicality.

Things to Consider When Buying a Small Nightstand

Before buying the best small bedside table for your bedroom, you must consider the following:


The size and surface area of your small bedroom nightstand should reflect the size of your room. A bedside table that is too small will not be able to serve the purpose, and it will be difficult for you to put delicate houseware like table lamps, alarm clocks and water jugs or glasses on it because there will not be enough room on the small bedside table for these items. But at the same time, the nightstand should not be so big that it occupies a large area in your bedroom and makes it difficult for you to walk around the room.

Generally, the ideal size of a small bedroom nightstand with drawers is between 12 to 15 inches in width and around 15 to 19 inches in length. (These are the standard measurements for a small rectangular-shaped nightstand). A surface area of this size will allow you to place a small night lamp, cellphone, alarm clock and maybe even a small planter or frame on the small bedside table without knocking off other items or crowding the table. A drawer that is 15 inches in width, 19 inches in length and around 8 inches in depth is also quite spacious to store your valuables and essentials in it.


The height of your small bedroom nightstand should reflect the height of your bed with the mattress on it. Typically, the bedside table is 2 inches higher than the level of your mattress, but some people prefer to have their small beside tables lower than the level of their mattress so that it is easier for them to reach over and pick up the things that they want such as a book, or to switch on their night lamp.

The standard height of a nightstand is between 24 to 26 inches. Your small bedroom table should be between 20 to 30 inches in height, depending on the height of your bed and your personal preference. But it should definitely not be more than 2 inches higher than the level of your mattress because then it will become difficult for you to see and grab the things from your nightstand while you are still lying on the bed.


The design and color of your small bedroom table should reflect and complement the interior of your bedroom. For example, if your bedroom has bright colored accent wall and furnishings, then it will look very odd if you place a neutral-colored bedside table in the room. It will not blend well with the rest of the interior décor of your room. The best idea is to buy your small nightstand as a set with your bed frame. This ensures that the main furniture of the room is similar, and then you can match the rest of the furniture and décor according to the color theme and style.

Sometimes, people try to refurbish old chests or storage boxes and turn them into nightstands, but this idea may not work well if the overall design of your room is modern and simplistic. Bedrooms that are well-decorated create the perfect ambiance and mood for a good night’s rest; therefore, you must give the design and color of your small nightstand a great thought.

Storage Space

Your small bedside table should have some sort of storage space to help you declutter your room by organizing small personal belongings in its drawers, shelves or cabinets.

The best small bedroom nightstand is the one in which you can store all the items that you need on a daily basis such as your wristwatch, jewelry, visiting cards, wallets, medicines and some emergency items like a torch, a pocket knife, pen and a notepad. These are all the kinds of items that should be near you in case you need them on an urgent basis.


Your small bedroom table should be made of strong and durable materials so that they can withstand the pressure that will be placed on them, such as heavy objects like iron rod lamps etc. Moreover, the materials of your small nightstand should be safe, non-toxic and complement the rest of the furniture in your bedroom.

For example, if the rest of the furniture in your room is made of oak wood and you decide to place a bedside table with a steel frame and glass in your room, it will disrupt the interior design of your room and throw things off balance. However, the same table will look gorgeous if placed beside a silver-colored, iron-rod bed frame.


Your small bedroom nightstand with a drawer should be very lightweight so that it is easier for you to move it around in case you decide to decorate your room differently or if you decide to relocate to another house.

Having a lightweight, small bedroom table will also make it easier for you to clean under and behind the nightstand and prevent the accumulation of dust, germs and cobwebs.


Before you decide to purchase a small nightstand for your bedroom, you must decide on your budget. Then you should proceed to compare the prices of different small bedside tables and the various features that they have to evaluate which small bedroom table is offering you the most value for money. Sometimes, people can end up buying really small nightstands that don’t even have shelves or drawers under them for storage for a very high price just because of the brand’s value and reputation.

It is important for you to understand that thrift stores and boutique furniture stores can have small bedside tables that are just as elegant and functional as the new ones. These ‘made-in-workshop’ or second-hand small bedroom tables are not only affordable but can also act as great storage spaces for your bedroom.

The average price of a small bedroom table can be anywhere between $55 to $300 depending on the design, materials used, and the manufacturer or store’s reputation.

Customer Review

You should consider reading customer reviews and browsing through ratings to make sure that the small bedside table is exactly what the manufacturer or seller is claiming it to be or have the users been deceived. Looking at the customer reviews and rating will give you a clear idea about the product, and you may also find some positive additional information about the nightstand that the seller forgot to include, such as termite-proof lacquer coating or adjustable shelf heights, etc.

Simply speaking, going through customer reviews will help you to make an informed buying decision, and you will not feel duped.


Most small nightstands may have a limited warranty period of 1, 3, 5 or 10 years, depending on the brand and their terms and policies. Having a valid warranty period on your small bedroom nightstand will save you from the cost of repairs and replacements in case the bedside table quickly wears out or breaks even after the company took its guarantee. It will give you the right to claim for a new small bedside table as long as the warranty period is valid.

Best Small Nightstands on the Market

1) Nathan James 32704 Harper Mid-Century Oak Wood Nightstand

Nathan James Oak Wood Nightstand is an elegant-looking mid-century small nightstand that will accentuate your bedroom and create a warm, comfy feeling. It has four tapered pinewood legs and two easy-to-glide pull-out drawers that allow you to store your valuables and essentials in it.

Nathan James 32704 Harper Mid-Century Oak Wood Nightstand...
  • Harper is a modern nightstand or small side table is sleek...
  • Store gadgets, books, or magazines in this easy-glide,...
  • The space-saving design and neutral color will blend well...
  • The Harper side table's space-saving design and neutral...
  • The Harper side table has an easy 15-minute assembly so you...

This rectangular boxed table is adorned with vintage, rust-proof, brass knobs so that you can easily pull out the drawers without the fear of breaking the handles.

Its neutral oakwood color makes it an excellent piece of furniture for all kinds of rooms, modern, vintage, minimalistic, and chic. Its compact design makes it an ideal small bedside table for small bedrooms, and its raised wooden legs ensure that you can easily clean dust, dirt and cobwebs from underneath.

It is an easy to assemble bedside table for those who are looking for a small, lightweight, and sophisticated nightstand for their bedrooms.

Product Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 23 inches

  • Small and stylish
  • Space saving design
  • Lightweight (weighs 26 pounds or 11.8 Kgs)
  • Drawers can endure a weight of around 11 pounds (5 Kgs)
  • Mid-century design
  • Manufactured by Nathan James
  • Can withstand weight up to 79 pounds (36 Kgs)
  • Two laminated oak pull out drawers
  • Oak laminated frame made of medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and particleboard
  • Tapered pinewood legs
  • Floor protector pads
  • Vintage style brass knobs for drawers
  • Easy to assemble
  • Practical and stylish
  • Textured wood design
  • Available in 4 neutral colors
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
  • Expensive
  • Can only suit neutral-colored interiors
  • Its boxed-shaped design may not blend well with modern interiors

2) Zinus Dane Modern Studio Collection Nightstand

The small bedside table by Zinus Dane is a small, two-shelved nightstand for modern-looking rooms. It is a completely square-shaped small bedroom nightstand that is 20 inches in height, 20 inches in length and 20 inches in width.

ZINUS Dane 20 Inch Black Frame Side Table, End Table, Easy...
  • Rich black wood (Espresso) grain is easy to clean.Assembly...
  • Functional and stylish with additional lower shelf
  • Easy to assemble and fits in small spaces
  • 20 x 20 x 20 Inches; Built to hold up to 100 lbs of evenly...
  • Sturdy, strong square steel tubing frame; Worry free limited...

Made from strong and sturdy steel tubing frame, the Zinus Dane small bedroom table comes with a rich black wood grain finish that makes it really easy to clean. It makes the metallic nightstand water and rust-proof.

Its functional and stylish lower shelf is of the same length and width as the tabletop. It is ideal for stacking up your books, magazines, water bottle, or even portable speakers for playing music.

Zinus Dane Black Nightstand is very easy to assemble, and all the tools that are needed to assemble it are provided with the package.

It is available in two neutral colors; brown and black, to suit your specific taste and match the interior of your room.

Product Dimension: 20 x 20 x 20 inches

  • Small bedroom table
  • Lightweight (weighs 12.43 pounds or 5.6 Kg)
  • Portable
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong and sturdy steel body/ frame
  • Black woodgrain finish
  • Functional and stylish
  • Lower shelf for storage
  • Affordable (under $60)
  • Only comes with a 1-year limited warranty
  • Only available in 2 neutral colors (black and brown)
  • Old design
  • May not blend well with elegant looking interiors

3) SONGMICS Nightstand, 3-Tier Bedside Table

This rustic design 3-tier small bedroom nightstand is ideal for those who love to collect refurbished furniture and give their home a unique look and feel.

SONGMICS Nightstand, 3-Tier Bedside Table with Drawer, 2...
  • Good Night: A lazy night. Your bed. SONGMICS nightstand....
  • Charming Everywhere: A rustic top paired with the black iron...
  • Materials Speak for Themselves: When fabric meets a metal...
  • For Coffee and Daydreams, Too: Not only for a lazy night,...
  • What You Get: An industrial fabric drawer dresser with open...

The 16 by 16 inches, square-shaped tabletop and lower shelf give you plenty of space to keep a night lamp, timepiece, a flower pot, or a jug of water so that you don’t have to keep getting up from bed to access the things you might need during the night.

It has a black metal label frame and wooden tabletop and bottom shelf that gives this small nightstand an industrial look. The pull-out drawer at the bottom is made from strong, durable and tear-resistant fabric and has chic half-moon-shaped cup handles for an easy grip.

You can easily assemble the entire nightstand, and thanks to its 4 adjustable feet, you can adjust its height, you can balance the table on uneven ground and save your floor from scratches.

Its user-friendly design gives you plenty of room for storage.

Product Dimensions: 16.1 x 16.1 x 18.5 inches

  • Small nightstand with drawer
  • Lightweight (11.28 pounds or 5.1 Kgs)
  • Portable
  • Strong and sturdy metal frame
  • Wooden tops and shelf
  • Adjustable feet to avoid skid marks
  • Oxford fabric pull-out drawer with half-moon shaped handle
  • 3-tier storage
  • Pull-out drawer can hold a maximum weight of 6 pounds or 3 Kgs
  • Tabletop and lower shelf can hold 33 pounds or 15 Kgs
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Package includes tools for assembly
  • Good value for money
  • Only available in rustic black
  • Cloth drawer is not washable, can only be cleaned with a cloth
  • Drawer can only store lightweight items
  • Information regarding its warranty period is unavailable

4) Boyd Sleep Contemporary: Lombardi Upholstered Nightstand 

The Boyd Sleep Contemporary Lombardi Upholstered Nightstand is an elegant looking, ultra-chic, modern small nightstand that is ideal for simple-looking bedrooms.

No products found.

Made from faux leather, this small bedside table is specially designed to complement low beds. It is a 3-tier small nightstand that has a tabletop, a covered bottom shelf and a single, deep pull-out drawer to ensure that you have plenty of storage space for keeping all your essentials and valuables just an arm’s length away from you.

Its drawer has a brass-colored vertical handle for easy grip. The nightstand does not need to be assembled and comes as one piece to save your time and energy.

And it is so easy to carry the package up to your bedroom because the entire weight of the small nightstand with a drawer is just 21 pounds or 9.5 Kgs. It is a beautiful, functional, and portable small nightstand for your bedroom.

Product Dimensions: 16 x 18.9 x 21 inches

  • Small nightstand with drawer
  • Lightweight (weighs 21 pounds or 9.5 Kgs)
  • Portable
  • Made from premium quality faux leather
  • 3-tier design supports maximum storage
  • Modern-looking and functional
  • Does not require assembly
  • Available in 4 neutral colors; black, white, grey and walnut
  • Low height
  • Faux leather makes it hard to clean and maintain
  • Comes with only a 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Is not a long-lasting small bedside table
  • Pricey


In any bedroom, a bedside table serves two purposes. They enhance the aesthetics of the bedroom and provide storage space for you to place or stow away everyday items like lamps, phones, alarm clocks, wallets, books, magazines, water bottles, etc.

The ideal small nightstand is the one that is affordable, does not weigh more than 10 Kgs, and has a length and width of 15 inches or less. It should blend seamlessly with the rest of your interior décor. And should be so lightweight and portable that you can easily move it around to help you with everyday cleaning, or in case you decide to move houses.

We hope that our list of the best small nightstands will help you pick the best small bedside table for your bedroom, and you will find it to be just as practical and stylish as we have stated them to be.

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