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Beautiful weather and scenery are meant to be enjoyed. The pleasure of the serene atmosphere doubles when you are sitting down for a nice meal with your loved ones or penning down a great story for the coming generations. In order to sit comfortably and have all your essentials and valuables placed before you, you need a small portable table that can be carried with you to your sweet retreat.

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A small portable folding table looks and works just like a standard table, but it so lightweight and compact that you can easily carry it in your arms as you take a walk to the nearby lake or put it in the trunk of your car if you want to go for a relaxing road trip on the outskirts of the city.

Small portable tables are quickly becoming the need of the time as people continue to carry their work with them. They provide a strong and steady base for you to place your laptop and work remotely.

Things to Consider When Buying Best Small Portable Tables

In order to purchase the best small portable table for your travels and adventures, you must consider the following:


The size of your small portable table should be your first priority. Small portables tables should have a length of around 15 to 20 inches and should be between 10 to 15 inches in width if you are buying a rectangular-shaped small portable table. For a square-shaped small portable folding table, the best size for the surface area is 15 x 15 inches. A table of this size provides sufficient space for 2 people to use it as a dining table, one person to use it as a study table, or to use it as a base for board games if you plan to take the table on a camping trip.

The average height of a small portable table is between 12 to 16 inches. Some small portable folding tables even allow you to adjust the height through the single switch or single lock height adjustment mechanisms. Make sure the height of your small portable table matches your portable chairs if you decide to use it for outdoor activities, but in case you are looking for a small portable folding table for your breakfasts in bed or working in bed, then it should not be higher than 12 inches.


The materials used for manufacturing the small portable table should be able to provide two functions. They should be able to support portability by being lightweight, and at the same time, should strong enough to withstand weight. Small portable folding tables that have been crafted out of plastic or aluminum are considered to be best because both plastic and aluminum are lightweight and hence support portability. Also, these materials have been known for their weight endurance.

Some small portable tables, especially the ones used for breakfast in bed, are made out of bamboo wood. Bamboo wood is also very lightweight, and at the same time, it is strong, sturdy, and wear and tear-resistant.


The design of your small portable folding table is of utmost importance, especially if it is to become a regular part of interior décor. Usually, people prefer to purchase their small portable table in neutral colors like white, black, gray, or brown and in standard shapes like square, round and rectangular. But if unique colors and shapes are available and offer you all the benefits of a small portable table, then you should go for the most aesthetically pleasing ones.

The design of your small portable table will also include its craftsmanship. For example, some small portable tables have a smooth surface area while the others are paneled. Some small portable tables have four legs, while the rest may have two collapsible legs.


In order for your small table to be portable, it must be extremely lightweight so that you can easily carry it around the use or take it along with you for trips and traveling. On average, the maximum weight of your small portable table should not be more than 5 kg. In most cases, it will be the top of the table that will be heavier than the legs and hence will make up most part of your small portable table’s weight. Therefore, to ensure that your small portable folding table is lightweight, you should choose the one whose table top is made out of lightweight materials like plastic, aluminum, or wood.

Folding or Non-folding

If the purpose of purchasing a small portable table is to minimize the storage space needed to stow away the table in a storage cabinet, under the bed, behind the wardrobe or to keep it in the trunk of your car and carry it with you on a fishing, camping or trekking trip, then you need a table that can be easily folded and made flat and compact.

Small portable folding tables reduce the surface area of the table and make it easy for you to store them in narrow and small spaces. Most small portable tables will have collapsible folding legs to make the table flat, but some may even have folding table tops so that you can fold the table top in half and further reduce the surface area.

It is recommended that your small portable table should be foldable so that it becomes easier for you to carry it or store it at home or in the vehicle.

Strength and Durability

Your small portable table should be strong, sturdy, stable, and durable. It should be able to withstand at least 20 Kgs of weight and should neither bend nor break under pressure. This is because you will be using this small portable table for multiple purposes such as dining, writing, arranging your valuables or essentials, or maybe even keeping heavy items as speaker decks, portable stoves, pots, and pans.

You may even make your baby lie down it while you decide to change its diaper on your camping trip; therefore, your small portable table should be able to endure weight and should be made to last longer. The longevity of your small portable folding table will depend on the materials used. As long as the materials used are strong and durable, the longer will be the table’s life.

Cleaning Instructions

Your small potable table should be easy to clean. Some small portable tables such as the ones made from unpolished wood should not be cleaned with a wet cloth. This is because these tables are not waterproof. Water absorption can lead to the formation of mold and fungi on the table and affect its performance and appearance.

Before cleaning your small portable folding table with a wet cloth, you must read the cleaning instructions very carefully. The cleaning instructions will also tell you if you can use a surface cleaner to disinfect the table and make it germ-free.

However, it must be noted that most small portable tables have an aluminum or plastic body, and even if it is made out of wood, it will most probably have a lacquer finish to prevent the water from seeping inside the wood.

If you find it time-consuming, check out this guy on how to clean a table fast:


It is needless to say that the price of your small portable table should be within your budget. On average, the price of small portable tables can be anywhere between $20 and $100, but depending on the manufacturer, the design, materials, features, and convenience, the price of a small table can vary greatly.

The best small portable table is the one whose price is in the mid-range, around $50 to $60, and it offers all the benefits of a small portable folding table because, in that case, your small potable table will offer you great value for money.


Before purchasing the small portable table for your home or outdoors, you must check if the table comes with a warranty period. You should either get a limited lifetime warranty or a manufacturer’s warranty on your small portable table to ensure that even if there is slight damage or the product delivered to your house is defective, you can claim the warranty and have your small portable table repaired or replaced. Having a valid warranty period will safeguard your purchase and make it financially secure.

3 Best Choices

1) Camco 21031 Green Regular Adirondack Portable Outdoor Folding Side Table

Camco small portable tables are foldable and can be set up in a matter of seconds. They work great for outdoor picnics, road trips, beach parties, and even garden parties in the summers. The rectangular-shaped tabletop of this small portable folding table measures 14 inches in length, 12 inches in width, and the height of the table is 15 inches from the ground.

Camco 21045 Small Quick-Folding Adirondack Table, Plastic,...
  • Multifunctional Table: Creates a convenient tabletop in any...
  • Usage: Ideal as a side table for drinks, snacks and keys; as...
  • Measurements: 12 1/8-inches (L) x 14 ½-inches (W) x 15...
  • Weight Rating: Supports up to 30 lb.
  • Durable Construction: Constructed of UV stabilized ABS...
  • Easy to Set Up: Quick and simple to set up without tools;...

Its collapsible design makes it super easy for you to fold the table, make it flat, and store it under the bed or in narrow storage spaces like cabinets.

The Camco small portable table is made of UV stabilized ABS plastic, and its weather-resistant and waterproof coating makes it rust and corrosion-proof. It is made to look and feel like a wooden table, but unlike the wooden tables, you will not have to worry about splinters, cracking, chipping, or rotting.

The UV stabilized resin prevents fading of the color and makes the table completely weatherproof. Hence you can easily place it outside, in your backyard or porch, without worrying about rusting or rotting.

It’s super easy to clean the table in case food or drinks have been spilled. Just take a wet cloth and some soapy water to clean the stains and dry the table with a towel.

The steady legs of the table maintain a perfect balance and dig right into the soft sand to give you an immovable, sturdy base for having your evening tea at the beach.

The best part is that this small portable folding table only weighs 3 pounds (1.36 Kgs) and hence makes a perfect traveling partner for long and short trips. Its compact design, collapsible legs, and lightweight make it one of the best small portable tables in the market.

Product Dimensions: 14” length x 12” width x 15” height

  • Small portable table
  • Foldable design
  • Stylish and trendy colors
  • Collapsible legs make it flat for easy storage
  • Lightweight (weighs 3 pounds)
  • Made of strong and durable ABS plastic
  • Comes with weatherproof UV stabilized coating
  • Rustproof, waterproof, corrosion-resistant
  • Color does not fade, the structure does not rot
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to set up
  • Can endure 30 pounds (13.6 Kgs) of weight
  • Steady and stable
  • Available in 5 different colors; green, mocha, navy blue, sage, and taupe
  • Affordable
  • Perfect for outdoor picnics, camping or road trips, beach or garden parties
  • Weight endurance is less than 20 Kgs
  • Has a paneled table top instead of a smooth surface
  • Surface area may be small for 2 people to dine
  • Information about the warranty period is not available

2) Camco 51895 Bamboo Folding Table with Aluminum Legs

The ingenious design of this Camco Bamboo top, a small portable folding table, makes it completely compact and flat. It becomes so small when folded that you can carry it in a bag for your picnic trips, road trips, jungle trekking adventures, and beach parties.

Camco Folding Bamboo Table with Aluminum Legs | Natural...
988 Reviews
Camco Folding Bamboo Table with Aluminum Legs | Natural...
  • Folding Bamboo Table Top: Provides a flat surface for eating...
  • Features: Lightweight telescoping aluminum legs with...
  • Easy to Transport and Storage: The aluminum legs fold flat...
  • Includes: (1) table and (1) storage bag
  • Dimensions: 25 ½-inches x 19 ¾-inches table top size;...

When it comes to Camco 51895, it’s not just the aluminum constructed legs that fold, but you can fold the entire wooden table top into fours and put it in your bag for easy portability.

The intelligent choice of materials like bamboo wood for the table top and aluminum for the foldable legs makes it very lightweight. The whole table, even when folded, weighs only 9 pounds (4 Kgs) and hence can be easily carried in hand to the place it needs to be set up.

The setup of the table can seem to be a little confusing and time-consuming at first, but with practice, you will be able to unfold and set up your table within less than 2 minutes.

The Camco Bamboo folding table has legs with adjustable height. The switch locks prevent the legs from collapsing, giving you a steady base to enjoy your refreshing meals.

Even though the table itself weighs just 9 pounds, it has a weight capacity of 85 pounds (38.5 Kgs), and hence if you really wish to, you can even make your canine sit on it.

The attractive and polished bamboo table top can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth. However, it is best to save the table for frequent spillage of drinks as this could lead to permanent stains and mold formation.

The Camco Bamboo folding table comes with a storage bag that can carry the folded bamboo table. When completely folded and compact, the small portable table measures 26.5 in length, 4.5 inches in width, and 6.5 inches in height.

Product Dimensions: 25.5 x 19.7 x 25.5 inches

  • Small portable folding table
  • Completely flat and compact when folded
  • Foldable and height-adjustable aluminum legs
  • Legs have adjustable leveling knobs for creating steady balance
  • Bamboo wood, 4 paneled, foldable table top
  • Lightweight (weighs only 9 pounds)
  • High weight endurance (can withstand up to 85 pounds)
  • Sleek design, rectangular shaped
  • Comes with a cover for easy storage and transportation
  • Affordable
  • Offers good value for money
  • Can get damaged due to frequent cleaning with water
  • Splintering, chipping, scratching, and stains will be common
  • Only available in one color
  • Due to several folding joints, the structure may not be stable
  • The foldable design could affect durability, especially if used frequently
  • Information regarding the warranty period is not available

3) Trademark Innovations Aluminum Adjustable Portable Folding Camp Table

Trademark Innovation’s small portable folding table is not just a delight to use, but it is a pleasure to hold it in hands. The revolutionary design of this small portable folding table is so ingenious that when it is completely folded and compact, it looks just like a flat briefcase.

Aluminum Portable Folding Camp Table With Carry Handle - By...
  • Made of lightweight aluminum, this table measures 23.6"L x...
  • Easy to set up and take down and with a carry handle, this...
  • Use by itself or put several together to make a long,...
  • This tabletop should not stay wet. Wipe away any liquid...
  • Made with superior quality by Trademark Innovations

Made from premium quality aluminum, this small portable table weighs only 5 pounds (2.27 Kgs). But its aluminum structure does not just make it lightweight. It also ensures that the table remains rust and waterproof, and you can continue to enjoy the benefits of this table for a long time.

Its aluminum structure also adds to its strength and durability. Even when used as a portable outdoor dining table, the Trademark Innovations folding camp table will not collapse, break or bend under pressure.

The surface area of the table top measures 23.6 inches in length and 17.7 inches in width. It has an adjustable height of 10.2 inches to 22.5 inches, allowing you to use it while sitting on the ground as well as when sitting on chairs.

It is to be noted, however, that in case there is spillage of drinks and water, you must not let the table stay wet. The spillage should be immediately dried up using a cloth because this could seep into the aluminum structure and cause corrosion and rotting in the interior frame.

This small rectangular table works great for outdoor parties, picnics, and trips.

Product Dimensions: 24 x 18 x 1.25 inches

  • Small portable folding table
  • Made from premium quality aluminum material
  • Polished exterior is corrosion resistant
  • Sufficient surface area of the table top makes it ideal for dining
  • Lightweight (weighs only 5 pounds)
  • Foldable legs with adjustable height
  • Looks just like a briefcase when folded and make compact
  • Ideal for storing in the trunk of the car for picnics and road trips
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Clean and simple design
  • Affordable
  • Offers good value for money
  • Comes with a carrier bag for easy storage and transportation
  • Needs to be saved from water and extreme heat
  • Information regarding its weight endurance is not available
  • Only available in one design and color
  • Information regarding its warranty period is not available


Whether you are in need of a small portable table to carry it with you for an outdoor picnic trip or need one for your house just so that it can be unfolded and used when needed and folded back up and stowed away when the work is done, you will need to consider a few features like size, weight, design, materials, durability, price and warranty period to purchase the best portable folding table.

We hope that with the few stylish and compact, small portable tables that we have mentioned above, you will be able to find your perfect fit and have a blissful summer outdoors.

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