Black+Decker BCD6W Compact Countertop Dishwasher Reviewed

Countertop dishwasher unlike full-size dishwasher, they are portable and compact dishwashers that use less energy and can sit on any flat surface. Seeking for an ultimate washing experience? Black+Decker BCD6W countertop dishwasher is one of the best countertop dishwashers in the market. The bcd6w dishwasher boasts flawless and superb washing features compared to other models. Its merits outweigh possible cons as perused in the review.

Black+Decker BCD6W Compact Countertop Dishwasher

Black+Decker BCD6W Specifications

  • Unit dimensions: 21.7 x 21.5 x 17.2
  • Electronic touch controls
  • 6 place setting capacity
  • LED display
  • Child lock
  • Energy STAR certified
  • Weight: 46.2 lbs

Considerable Features Exhibited by Black+ Decker BCD6W

Our rating: 4.5 / 5

Here is the list of the most useful features you will get with the BCD6W.

Impressive Capacity

The black and Decker countertop dishwasher integrates a 6-place setting capacity to clean tremendous amounts of dishes in one cycle. The 6-place setting additionally enables you to place bowls, saucers, plates, tableware, mugs, and wine glasses conveniently in the washer. The setting ensures the utensils are safely fit and positioned for a secure wash cycle.

LED Display

The BCD6W dishwasher is equipped with easy-to-navigate electronic touch control that offers convenience for easy monitoring and displays current wash status. The highly responsive electronic touch controls allow the set-up of precise adjustments to suit your wash cycle time with ease. Navigating the controls offers the user to choose wash modes from normal, intensive, 90 minutes, Glass, Eco, rapid, and soak. The elegant display style portrays a futuristic decor.

Quick connect:

This intuitive-dish washer allows you to connect/disconnect conveniently when you need to clean dishes. There is no need for permanent plumbing installations as you only assemble and connect to the right faucet, water hookup, and drain connections.


The black and Decker countertop dishwasher is an excellent option for small apartments, condominiums, and home kitchens. The model can fit any standard kitchen countertop/surface as it has dimensions of 17.2 x 21.5 x 21.7. The compact dimensions allow saving storage spaces in the working area and storage shelves.

7 Wash Cycle Programs

The Black+Decker BCD6W allows the user to select and set the dishwashing program from 90 Minutes, Eco, Glass, Normal, Intensive, Rapid, and soak. This program promotes efficiency in washing different types of utensils and tableware. Different modes result in desired sparkling cleanliness. The dishwasher has a high-efficiency rating through the washing cycle programs in terms of the ability to wash items to unique greatness. The cutting edge of every dishwasher is the utmost result in friendly cleaning.


Weighing about 46.2 pounds, the BCD6W can be easily moved from the sink to storage when not in use. The lightweight feature conveniently enables the elderly with back problems to lift when cleaning or arranging the kitchen sections quickly.

Spacious interior

Very few compact dishwashers can accommodate plates of up to 10 inches in diameter. But the BCD6W conveniently fits the large diameter plates for easy washing. This model thereby discourages separate dishwashing.

Energy Star Certified

The black and decker countertop dishwasher has been proven to use power and environmentally friendly efficiently. The efficient use of power helps save costs on enormous bills. Additionally, it’s possible to delay start options through its schedule start option and set a preferred schedule to utilize the machine after a regular meal.

Child Lock

Secure household types of equipment are vital, especially at homes with kids. The BCD6W compact dishwasher features a child lock safety protocol. Even with the small kids playing around, you can have peace of mind, unlike using other models in the market.

Attractive Design

The BCD6W model features a stainless-steel interior that guarantees the spotless dishes per was the cycle. The easy to grip handle, slide-out dish rack, and removable utensil basket allows easy loading and unloading utensils.

The Black+ Decker bcd6w is crafted with a classy design for modern homes. The elegant, lightweight design enables the model to fit any standard kitchen cabinets and countertops.

Other Stuff

Engineered from stainless steel material, the Black+ Decker BCD6W is aesthetically durable and rust-free. The stainless-steel design can withstand extremely high temperatures for an excellent and safe cleaning process, unlike in plastic dishwashers.

Apart from its outstanding functionality and power efficiency, the bcd6w is pocket-friendly due to its affordable prices. With the fact that 6 place setting allows the user to place various kinds of items inside, most customers are generally satisfied with the products’ results in cleaning.

Energy efficiency, accommodate extra-large plates, and the ability to clean make the Black+ Decker BCD6W a takeaway home for small and large families. Remember, its removable and sliding interior baskets facilitate an excellent dishwashing process.

With a wide range of programs to choose from the highly responsive electronic buttons conveniently allows ease of the washing cycle as per the needs.

Pros and Cons

Now that we know what we are getting into, let’s check out pros and cons.

  • Very affordable
  • Solid and quality stainless steel interior design
  • Consumes less water
  • Easy to assemble
  • Elegant and classy design
  • Energy-star certified and environmentally friendly
  • 10 plates every cycle
  • Easy to move from one surface to another
  • Easy to navigate LED display with touch control
  • 6 place settings with easy to remove utensil baskets
  • Some customers got incomplete or broken parts
  • Bad customer support
  • Relatively unavailable in most markets
  • Malfunction after the month of service but probably due to user mistake

Why Consider Buying the Black+Decker BCD6W Dishwasher

Compact: Its dimensions enable portability and fit in any kitchen countertop. It occupies less space and can even be stored in kitchen cabinets and shelves.

Lightweight: With about 46 pounds, it’s conveniently easy to change storage space or transfer it from one point to another. It’s an excellent option for older adults.

Eco-friendly: The model consumes a reduced amount of electricity hence low power bills. The bcd6w dishwasher runs on optimized power use.


Our rating: 4.5 / 5

BCD6W dishwasher is one of the best portable countertops. Some notable advantages of buying a Black+ Decker BCD6W countertop dishwasher include the fact that it consumes less water than other models of dishwashers and requires minimal space for installation.

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