Black+Decker Portable Washer (BPWH84W) Reviewed

Laundry is difficult, especially if you live in a tiny apartment. Going to the laundry room with a heavy pile of clothes can be exhausting when you’re in a hurry. Limited space is taken from the equation by the typical powerful washing machine. Consider what you can do with space for laundry. Or, what if you don’t have a washing machine at all?

Black+Decker Portable Washer (BPWH84W)

Having to take a trip to the laundromat can be such a hassle. Good thing there is another thing to consider.

Black+Decker To The Rescue

The Black+Decker bpwh84w is a portable washing machine with 0.84 cubic feet that provides you with fresh laundry from the comfort of your own home. Complete your current washing machine and dryer with the smallest and most compact of our washing machines. Equipped with 3 water level measurements (High, Medium, and Low), the washing machine has a delay start option of up to 24 hours. The body of it is more on the slender side, but it is built to be strong enough to handle spinning and washing clothes. It can also be safely stowed away in a corner.

All the more reason to love our strong wash compartment is that it is not only suitable for tiny apartments, but also for travel. Parents can use it to clean baby clothes or send them to college with their son or daughter to make life easier at university or in the dorm. Basically, one can do with it, pretty much what would be done with a full-sized machine. Just make sure not to over-stuff it.

This helps to reduce the consumption of detergents as well as electricity and water bills. The convenience is grand for those who do have issues with getting their laundry done, because of one not being present on site. This is a wonderful gift for homework, Christmas, or graduation.

Features & Benefits

Multiple Settings: The Black Decker bpwh84w small washer can efficiently wash loads of different sizes because it has a convenient 8-cycle selection feature. This allows you to choose the right wash option for your garments, whether it’s delicate, heavy soil, or simply full of color.

Space Saving and Compact: With its compact and sleek design, this washer will fit in just about anywhere. It’s also perfect for anyone who tends to go on frequent road trips instead of taking it apart.

You couldn’t ask for a more versatile washing machine. With its compact design, it literally fits under the sink or in smaller clothes dryer. Aside from its durable construction, it comes with twelve different attachments — so you can fit almost anything under its hood. Not to mention, it’s also extremely affordable — making it a great investment.

Add Some Convenience to Daily Life

If there is not a washing machine on-site, this could a remedy to that issue.

Getting a portable washing machine is a big decision, but once you buy one, you won’t have to make trips to the local laundromat every time you need to wash your clothes. You can rely on this unit to do all the work for you. Portable Washing Machines allow us to take laundry along with us when we go travel or vacationing because it is convenient, inexpensive, and easy to clean up afterward.

Black+Decker Portable Washer (BPWH84W) 2

Slick Design and Easy Controls 

The BPWH84W super washing machine features an easy-to-use LED display window with cycle status lights, a transparent lid, and 3 water levels for customization. With its 1200 RPM spin speed, it’s ideal for heavy wash or more delicate clothing.

Accessories Included: Each purchase comes with a variety of different attachments, including a quick connect adapter, a water supply hose, and a drain.

Sound Alerts

The portable washing machine will emit a beep that is loud and multiple times long when it has finished washing. Which is quite convenient. There is nothing like washing a load, leaving it, and having to wash the load again because you forgot.

Child Safety Features

The Black Decker bpwh84w washer unit comes equipped with a sensor that will stop the washer if the lid is open. This is an important feature because it is portable it is smaller in stature. So, it does make it easier for little ones to access it, but the machine will halt its process if a little one gets their hands on it and opens the lid.

Elegant Design

The design of the BPWH84W could be the first impression you get from this portable washer. It is not only stylish but also minimalist. This design gives a good impression that you will be able to spin and wash your clothes very easily and quickly. The thin lid on top makes clean-up a breeze; it surrounds the spinning hole, so no part of the spinning top is overlooked while washing and drying the clothes. The strong mesh fabric keeps dirt and dust from getting inside…

Sturdy Washing Compartment

The eight-cycle washing machine comes with two preprogrammed cycles. The normal cycle for everyday loads and cotton cycle for those loads that might need a gentler spin. One thing to check if the use of it will be on a regular basis is the pipes. The smaller the machine is the more it will probably shake. It could potentially shake a thing or two out of place!

Compact Washer

Offering a compact design to accommodate a small space. Some choose to put it in a hallway, in the kitchen near the sink, a corner in the house office or bedroom. That what makes the Black Decker bpwh84w so appealing.

The benefits of portable washers for the home include ease of portability, ease of storage – once the washing machine is full, you can simply open the lid to eliminate tangled clothes and tools – and a low cost.

Pros and Cons

Our rating: 4.2 / 5

Now that we know what we are getting into to, let’s check pros and cons.

  • Compact design that allows it to be easily portable
  • It can handle solid loads of laundry
  • Handy child safety features
  • The controls are user-friendly
  • Eliminate the need to make trips to the laundromat
  • Can take to destinations outside the home
  • Can be loud at times
  • Potential damage while in transit

Side Note

Portable washing machines can leave a lot to be desired when it comes to performance, reliability, and user-friendliness for the long run. These machines are designed to only stay on the market for a brief period of time so there is little investment in comparison to other models on the market. So, if you’re looking to spend less on your portable washer, consider making a few changes and then upgrading later. Choosing the right portable washer will help improve the way that you take care of your home.

Is Black+Decker BPWH84W Worth It?

Portable washers are designed to solve many home cleaning problems including spills, dust, mildew, stains, and splashes. They can be fully automatic or fully step-down. Travelers tend to forget that traveling can be the most fun and quickly get boring. Pick a portable washer that provides ease of use, can be easily packed up and placed in the suitcase when leaving home for an extended period of time, and saves your belongings from picking up nasty germs.

It can be a great companion appliance for home sites with you no washing machines available. Overall, we give this model our resounding approval.

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