Black+Decker Power Crush Blender (BL1230SG) Reviewed

A blender is an essential appliance at home. Whether you use it for smoothies, protein shakes, or even salad dressing; a good quality blender will save you a lot of time and money.  With the right blender, all you need is to have the right ingredients and you are good to go.

Black+Decker Power Crush Blender (BL1230SG)

Black+Decker incorporated is a reputable American company that manufactures power tools, home improvement appliances, accessories, hardware, and fastening systems. They are known for their high-quality products.

Black+Decker power crush blender is equipped with features that should guarantee quality results whether you are making a smoothie or any cold beverage. It comes in detachable parts that make it easy to clean and a rubber base to avoid slipping on the countertop. It comes in two colors, black, and silver and will fit into any décor.

If you are in the market for a blender and have had your eyes on the Black and Decker power crush blender, this review will help you make an informed decision on whether to purchase ii or keep looking for another blender. You will learn about its features, the advantages, and disadvantages of purchasing this appliance.

The following some of the features of Black+Decker power crush blender.

Our rating: 4.6 Star Rating 4.6 / 5

Features of the Black+Decker Power Crush Blender (BL1230SG)

  • Four-tip stainless steel blades for even mixing. It contains the 4-tip QuadPro technology for easy blending.
  • It offers four speeds to suit all your blending needs.
  • A glass jar with a capacity of six cups.
  • Sturdy glass jar with an easy pour spout.
  • The glass jar, blade, and lid are removable and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
  • It contains a 700 watt motor for ease in crushing and blending a wide range of ingredients. When the blender is continually in use, it utilizes 350 watts.

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Pros and Cons

Now that we are armed with the knowledge from above, let’s check pros and cons of the Black+Decker Power Crush blender.

  • Its four-tip stainless steel blades work with the shape of the glass jar to create and ensure a constant flow that leads the ingredients straight to the blades to ensure good consistency and great blending performance. The blender crushes ice into small bits and also offers good consistency when blending.
  • The four-speed function provided by this blender ensures that you can blend a variety of ingredients from ice to frozen fruit and other ingredients. The four speeds also allow you to make a variety of drinks from icy to smooth and creamy.
  • The six-cup capacity jar is equipped with two different easy-pour spouts to avoid spilling while still allowing you the freedom to pour thick liquids and thicker ones easily and an ingredient slot for adding ingredients as you blend without opening and shutting the lid constantly.
  • The jar is also quite sturdy and offers a classic feel to its design. The design of the blender is simple and can fit into any countertop without disrupting the feel of the room. The silver and black colors also offer a simple yet classic design.
  • The blender’s jar, blade, and lid are detachable and dishwasher-safe. Because of this, cleaning is made much easier whether you wash it in the dishwasher or by hand.
  • The powerful motor in the blender ensures that it can crush and blend a variety of ingredients into your preferred texture. It’s worth mentioning that it chops ice easily because of this motor and it can chop vegetables and fruits. Don’t forget to follow instructions while blending or chopping and add some water to avoid damaging your blender.
  • Built with a rubber base to avoid slipping on wet surfaces on your counter.
  • Very affordable. You are likely to get a better quality blender worth more money, but this affordable blender gives you your money’s worth in performance.
  • It is a traditional blender but is powerful enough to grind harder leaves and plants like wheatgrass.
  • Very easy to use. You do not need to read a huge manual to understand how to use this blender. It contains an on and off button and four other buttons for the four-speed functions that are, high, low, high pulse, and low pulse.
  • It is very compact and can fit into any kitchen space without disrupting the room.
  • Although the blades on the blender are not very sharp, they are adequate and get the job done.
  • When it is taken care of properly, this appliance can serve you for a considerable amount of time.
  • When the blender is disassembled then reassembled, if the base is not screwed on tightly enough, the blender begins to leak. The shacking when the blender is in use causes the joints to loosen. The blender is not useful and can be a hazard when it starts to leak if the liquids are exposed to live wires.
  • Reattaching the blender’s base to the glass is also not an easy task. It takes a while to lock into place while reattaching.
  • The machine is also said by customers to be quite loud although it is not far from the normal blender noise. The blender is quieter than other blenders.
  • Since the glass jar is not unbreakable, you are not careful while handling it or loading it into the dishwasher, or if it drops then it will break. The glass jar, however, is sturdy and will not break easily.
  • The rubber base is also not suitable to support the heavy glass. This causes shaking while it blends because it is unstable.
  • Customers also reported that the blender does not easily blend harder and frozen ingredients as it is expected to.
  • The Black+Decker power crush blender is also not durable according to customer reviews. It has been reported broken just a short while after being purchased on several occasions.
  • The lid is also difficult to put on the jar. Much weight needs to be applied in some cases. This indicates that the product is not sufficiently sensitive to people with disabilities.
  • In some cases, the motor burnt out soon after the appliance was purchased.
  • Although some customers were able to return the appliance with no problems, their online customer assistance has proved less than effective while dealing with some customer complaints concerning this appliance.
  • While it crushes ice into fine bits, you may need to crush it for a couple of rounds before you achieve the desired size of ice.
  • Although it is excellent at juicing and smoothies, the blender cannot blend ice cream.

Our rating: 4.6 Star Rating 4.6 / 5

With the affordable price of this product, come some disadvantages that cannot be overlooked. It is important to take good care of this appliance if you decide to purchase it. When using this blender always make sure that the base is tightened well to avoid leaking.

The blender can also be purchased as a temporary solution if you are still interested in looking around but need a blender. It will do its required job but will not last very long. You can count on this blender to provide very good juicing services but you will have to be cautious and patient while using it to crush ice and frozen fruit.

Is Black+Decker Power Crush Blender Worth It?

The Black and Decker power crush blender is sufficient if you are an active person on the go and it is affordable so it will save you money although you might have to replace it soon. If you are looking for a blender for juicing primarily, this could be the blender for you although if you are looking for something that is of better quality, you may need to keep looking.

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