Compost vs. Fertilizer – Which is More Beneficial?

Compost vs. Fertilizer

If you’re a beginning gardener, then you might be wondering what’s the big deal with using compost instead of fertilizer and vice versa. They seem to be similar with a few major differences, right? Well, even though they can sometimes be mistaken for each other, there are pros and cons to using each of them. …

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A Basic Primer on Household Hazardous Waste

Hazardous Waste

How much do you know about household hazardous waste? You may have heard the term, but were left uncertain about what this waste consists of. To put it simply, household hazardous waste consists of products that are used by a standard homeowner and then discarded of when they are no longer good or needed. Since …

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Importance of Waste Separation

Waste Separation

Do you separate your recyclables? You might live in a city that demands you that separate your standard garbage from those that can be recycled, or that you have to separate out the recyclables themselves into different categories, such as plastic, glass, paper, and so on. What’s the importance of waste separation? Well, it ensures …

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