How To Get Oil Out Of Leather | Tips & Tricks

In a world that is largely constructed from modern space-age materials, leather remains as popular as ever. Its natural beauty and rugged durability have been admired since the beginning of time. It provides relief from an artificial man-made world and takes us back to a simpler time. Besides its beautiful appearance and texture, leather is …

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How to Clean and Take Care of Leather Boots

Your pair of beloved leather boots can be a life-long best friend. They are dependable, fashionable, and also there when you need them. That is, provided you take care of them. This means cleaning them properly after every wear and following a few other tips and tricks to ensure your leather boots are well taken …

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How to Use Saddle Soap | Tips & Tricks

How to Use Saddle Soap For Leather

What exactly is saddle soap? If you have anything leather, knowing what saddle soap is can help you keep your leather products keeping pristone. Saddle soap is primarily used to clean leather and can be used on a horse’s tack. But, this isn’t just for riding horses – you can use it to clean your …

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How to Remove Toilet Stains Properly

Toilet Stains

We’re almost close to spring cleaning time! The time of year when you’re in the mood to shake all of those Winter blues away and have a beautiful house that invigorates you. One of the places that people concentrate on the most is their bathroom. On top of the kitchen, it’s where most people are …

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How to Clean Silver | Tips & Tricks

Clean Silver

Almost everyone has silver – whether it’s in the form of jewelry or silverware. You have silver in your life. As you should. Silver is a beautiful metal that makes anything look high-class. The thing is, if you are buying real silver, you’re going to have to clean it eventually. After all, you want your …

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How to Clean Burnt Pot | Tips & Tricks

burnt pot with water

Imagine this, you’re getting ready to make a great dinner for your family. Maybe you’re going to make some delicious arroz con pollo and you are going to knock the socks off of your loved ones with how delicious it’s going to be. You’ve made your meal, you’re happy with the results. But, when you …

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How to Clean and Polish Brass Properly

Clean and Polish Brass

You want your brass to look as marvelous as it did when you first got it. The thing with brass, though; is after time, it needs some tender loving care. Many people are unaware of the upkeep that brass needs. It’s because of this that it starts not looking good after time and people find …

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