Comfee’ Air Fryer Review | Is It Worth It?

If you are looking into buying an air fryer, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting one that is worthy of your kitchen. There are a lot of models on the market, each with their pros and cons. Likewise, you probably have your own preferences for how and what you cook, and you want to make sure that you get an air fryer that matches them as best as possible.

Comfee' Air Fryer

Enter the Comfee’ air fryer. It offers a ton of features from one of the more well-known makers on the market, but is it right for you? Let’s take a closer look and see.

Comfee’ Air Fryer Features

Some of the most important features to be found on in this air fryer from Comfee’ include:

  • Measures 13.66 in. x 10.51 in. x 12.8 in., weighs 11.3 lbs
  • 8 quart cooking capacity
  • Uses 90% less oil than traditional fryers
  • Nonstick basket
  • Eight presets for air frying, toasting, roasting, broiling, baking, dehydrating, reheating, and heating up frozen foods
  • Temperature range from 170 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 60-minute timer with a 24-hour timer for dehydrating things
  • The Shake Reminder tells you when to flip foods so they fry evenly
  • LED touchscreen
  • Button releases basket from drip barrel for easier draining
  • BPA and PFOA Free with an auto shutoff feature

One of the more interesting aspects of this model comes in the form of its Shake Reminder. This unique feature informs you when your food is ready to be flipped over. It’s a perfect example of an air fryer feature that can suit certain users. If you’re someone who cares a lot about making sure you get the most all-around even fry job, this feature can help with that.

8 Pre-set Options

In addition, this model features eight different presets for different kinds of cooking. That isn’t unique in and of itself, but it does stand out more when you pair it with the 24-hour dehydrating timer. Most air fryers allow you to dehydrate things in some fashion or another, but 24 hours? That’s something else.

Compact Size

Comfee’ air fryer is on the smaller side for an air fryer, though it’s far from a micro option. It has a cooking capacity of less than six quarts. There are models out there at seven quarts or more, but this model makes up for that by being lighter and, thus, a bit more portable.

Easier Cleaning

Nonstick baskets are another normal inclusion in air fryers. At the same time, this model pairs this with a special button that allows you to more easily drain the model. Let’s be honest – as much as we all love cooking, we don’t love the cleaning process that comes afterward. That’s especially true when it comes to fryers given the splatter-heavy nature of frying. The Comfee’ air fryer mitigates this by way of its nonstick nature as well as the fact that it uses 90% less oil than traditional models.

The range of 170 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit is well within the typical range of air fryers.

Finally, it has a nonstick handle and has an auto shutoff feature. Both of those, along with the fact that this model is BPA and PFOA free, means good things for its safety ratings.

Pros and Cons


Some of the best features offered by this model are:

  • Compact size
  • Affordable price
  • Good safety features
  • Good variety in its cooking presets
  • The Shake Reminder is unique
  • Accessible and easy to use

Some of the potential drawbacks to this unit are:

  • The Shake Reminder can make a mess
  • On the smaller side

As mentioned above, the inclusion of an auto shutoff feature is a huge plus from a safety perspective. There is nothing more dangerous than leaving something hot cooking for hours on end without realizing that you’re doing so. That is a concern that has been present with compact cooking appliances for decades. It can be easy to tell if you’ve accidentally left the oven on, but a lot harder to make that determination with a smaller cooking unit. Thankfully, this model takes the concern out of that by making sure that, whether you remember to shut the model down or not, the unit will and can shut itself off.

At the same time, it offers a good range of cooking presets. Sometimes air fryers become a bit too enamored with frying at the cost of including other presets for other types of cooking. Since one of the big allures of air fryers is the potential to use them in places where a full-scale oven might be impractical (such as an apartment, dorm, or RV), having more presets gives you more cooking options. What’s more, this is certainly a compact-sized air fryer at less than 12 pounds. That means a bit less cooking capacity, but if you want an easily portable unit, that’s a tradeoff worth making.

This is also a very easy to use model, with its controls simple and intuitive.

On the flip side, while the Shake Reminder is a unique option that can allow for even cooking, it can also create a mess if you aren’t careful. Users have complained about the bottom falling out and creating a mess during Shake Reminder usage. This can be avoided, but you need to make sure you’re careful when using this feature, or the risk of splatter could be very real.

That said, you are able to get all of these features for a model that is incredibly competitively priced. If you’re looking for a bargain air fryer, you can’t do much better than this.

In Conclusion – Is Comfee’ Air Fryer Worth the Money?

Our rating: 4.7 / 5

Comfee’ is one of the big names on the kitchen appliance market, and the Comfee’ air fryer is another good entry into their line. As a smaller-scale, portable air fryer, it offers just about everything you could hope for and then some with neat extras such as the Shake Reminder and the 24-hour dehydration timer. This is also one of the more affordable air fryers on the market, making it a good bargain buy.

Either way, this is an air fryer that is worthy of a spot on your kitchen counter.

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