Comfee’ Portable Washing Machine Reviewed (Model CLV16N2AMG)

Some of the biggest problems that travelers face are those they don’t expect and thus don’t prepare for, and such is the case with washing your clothes. Whether you’re camping in the backwoods, backpacking across Europe, or taking a trip of any kind longer than a few days, the ugly, odiferous problem of dirty clothes needing washing will pop up sooner than you think. You may not trust or want to pay for on-site laundry services, and washing your clothes in a lake or river probably isn’t appealing.

Comfee’ Portable Washing Machine

Thankfully, you can anticipate and prepare for this common travel problem with a quality portable washer. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the Comfee’ portable washing machine.

Features of Comfee’ Portable Washing Machine

Some of the most important features of the Comfee’ portable washing machine include:

  • Six pre-programmed settings for washing items, including Normal, Delicate, Quick, Heavy, Bulky, and Spin Only. It also includes an “Extra Rinse” button that allows you to add more time to the wash in progress. The machine also has three different temperature settings.
  • Energy-saving settings that allow this machine to use as little as 84% of energy when compared to other portable washing machines. The unit on average consumes 63 kilowatt hours per year.
  • A clear lid that allows you to check the status of your wash with ease.
  • A compact design, with the machine measuring just 20.7” in width, 20.3” in depth, and 36.6” in height, making this washer smaller and thus much more portable than traditional models. Despite that compact frame, it can still hold a capacity of 1.6 cubic feet. The model weighs 70 pounds.
  • A child lock so as to ensure that your washer remains safe from children.
  • A Delay Start and Reloading feature that enables you to throw the laundry into the washer and then set a timer.
  • A max spin rate of 700 RPM, which generates 62 dB.


One of the most important things to look for in a portable washing machine is, well, portability. The weight is a bit heavy, but that’s to be expected for a washer. There’s only so light that you can make a unit and still ensure that it has all the machinery necessary to make it work.

Child Lock

The child lock is also a nice touch. If you are traveling with kids, you might reasonably worry if they’d open it and hurt themselves or unleash a mini flood in your RV or rented room. With this feature, all you have to do is press and hold the “Program” and “Temp” for three seconds, and the control panel won’t respond again until you press and hold these buttons again. It’s a simple feature, but a lifesaver for those with young children.

Delay Function

The Delay function can enable you to wash laundry at a time that suits your schedule. This can also save you from the agonizing odious mess of having to rewash clothes because they’ve been sitting soaking in the laundry too long and have begun to smell. If you’ve ever had to deal with that, you know it’s no fun. This feature lets you avoid that and also ensures that you don’t have to wait around. The timer gives you greater freedom; as the saying goes, you simply “set it and forget it.”

You can check a good overview video by Sawmiller Smith here:

Pros and Cons

Some of the best features to recommend about this portable washing machine from Comfee’ include:

  • The Delay Start feature can help you schedule laundry cycles better
  • It is more energy efficient than other models
  • The compact frame makes transportation easier
  • The clear lid is a nice touch
  • The Extra Rinse feature is an easy way to extend wash time
  • The kids lock is a godsend for parents who travel

Some of the potential drawbacks to this portable washer from Comfee’ are:

  • Some users have complained about a lack of durability
  • 70 pound is on the heavier side for something “portable”
  • Some users have reported heavy foam bubbling up

The good things about this model are numerous. The clear lid may not seem like much, but it really does make it easier to gauge when the laundry is finished. The compact size makes this model easier to fit in your car as well as wherever you happen to be staying Whether it’s a hotel room or an RV while camping, you probably won’t have a ton of room while traveling, so the space-saving nature of this model’s a big plus. The model isn’t the quietest on the market, but it isn’t the loudest, and the energy consumption of this model compares favorably to its noise output. The Extra Rinse feature is really helpful for those looking to get out stubborn stains without having to restart their whole wash.

That isn’t to say there aren’t some potential drawbacks to this model, most notably that perceived lack of durability. When people buy something as big as a washer (even a portable one) they want to make sure that they’re investing in something that’s going to last for a while. This model isn’t too flimsy, but some users have noted that screws can come loose under a high amount of pressure, or that foam can start to seep through.

Still, the biggest issue is the fact that it’s 70 pounds. That isn’t exactly light as a feather, and is heavier than most “portable” items. As mentioned above, however, some amount of weight is unavoidable to have all the tubing and mechanisms necessary for a washer to work. In that context, this model’s more compact size helps offset its heavier weight.

In Conclusion

Our rating: 4.5 / 5

There are lots of upsides to the Comfee’ portable washing machine. It has plenty of features to help make the washing experience easier, and is just compact enough to offset its weight and make it a viable portable washing machine option.

The biggest mistake you can make when traveling is not preparing for potential problems. Washing your clothes on a long trip is one of those issues, and Comfee’s portable washer can go a long way to resolving it once and for all.

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