Considering Pivot Doors For Your Home

Considering Pivot Doors For Your Home

Are you looking to add some luxury to your home? We all want to improve the look of a home and as a homeowner, you can look to atypical methods to create “wow” factors that make guests stare in awe. Consulting with an architect is key in this process and if you find that they are suggesting pivot doors, then you should listen to them. Pivot doors are sleek and a better means of entry than traditional hinged doors. In this article, we are going to go through reasons why you should consider a pivot door for your home.

What Are Pivot Doors?

While hinge doors are the typical doors you see in homes and offices, they are a bit of an outdated concept. For instance, these doors rest upon two or three hinges, which causes all of the weight of the door to rest on those hinges. Over time, this could develop into a problem – one that you are going to have to end up paying for down the line.

Pivot doors, however, are typically offset and pivot a few inches in from the door frame. This allows the door to “pivot”. It should also be noted that there are no hinges to a pivot door – which means the weight is easily distributed. It gives any room the “secret passageway” kind of feel -which only adds to the character of your home.

Whether you are looking for a door to welcome guests into your home or you are wanting to lead them to the back of your house, pivot doors add that modern touch that really impresses people. These are not just for offices with glass walls, they can be accessible in your home and could be a real talking point for people who come over. Not only that, but they have advantages beyond cosmetic ones. Advantages that we will be getting to just a little later into this article.


Pivot doors have the ability to be fully motorized. If you’re really wanting that modern feel, why do you even need to use a handlebar anymore to open it? With a fully motorized pivot door, you can feel as if you are on set of the Jetsons (or any other futuristic show you relate to). There are many ways that a pivot door can recognize your person in order to open when you approach it and all make your home feel as if you’ve traveled to the future and brought your architectural ideas back to the present.

Are you worried that these sound too good to be true? Or are you afraid that installing one will take too much construction/overhaul? Plenty of companies can install motorized pivot doors inside your already pre-existing door frame. You don’t have to create a while new space for the pivot doors – you can have them easily! There’s no need to be afraid of their implementation.

You don’t need to have a motorized pivot door – you can opt for one that is not motorized if you worry about there being complications with the motor. You can have a regular pivot door with a handle that is just as elegant as the motorized version. Plus, if you’re looking to save money, opting out of the motorized version will save you some cash and having it motorized is not necessary.

Keyless Pivot Doors Are Safer Than You Think

When you have a pivot door, you can actually negate the need for keys. We see this with a lot of cars now – many who don’t need a key in order to access it. This same concept is applied to pivot doors, but this doesn’t make your home any less safe. By programming loved ones and yourself into the biometrics of the system, you can allow people you want to gain entrance by things such as a facial scan or a finger scan. This actually makes home security safer and more efficient, as people who aren’t programmed cannot access the inside of your home.

You also don’t have to worry about losing your keys because you don’t have any keys. This means you don’t have to spend money trying to get the locks changed to get new keys or risk someone nefarious getting a hold of your keys. While it may seem that not needing a key is the opposite of safe, it actually secures your home better than a burglar possibly being able to pick your lock instead.

Additional Advantages

As if a sleek style and keyless entry wasn’t enough, here are other reasons why these doors are good ideas for your home:

  • You want to ensure that the space you use in your home is functional and being utilized properly. Unlike double doors, pivot doors don’t waste space.
  • They allow for better entrances for furniture to be moved in and out of space. The front door, with a pivot door; becomes much easier to go through.
  • You can make a pivot door as big as you want to really have a beautiful, sleek entryway to your home.
  • They can have any finish you want them too – there are no limits.

Several Disadvantages

While we have been singing the praises of pivot doors in this article, it would be wrong to not include the disadvantages as well. There are not a lot of negatives, but there are a couple that people should know about. Here is what described as a con:

  • Do not seal as fully as a conventional door, sliding doors, or bi-fold doors do. So, this is something you should keep in mind when you are considering installing a pivot door in your home. However, while this is cited, it should be noted that it does seal well enough to keep bugs and drafts out of your home.
  • Quite modern looking and very sleek – so it may not really go with your home if you’re looking for [let’s say] more of a cabin feel to your home. This is also an advantage, but if you aren’t looking for this kind of stylish, modern style, then pivot doors wouldn’t be recommended for you.

Should You Install a Pivot Door?

Whether you should or shouldn’t install a pivot door is completely up to you – it’s up to you whether or not you want to have the stylish, modernistic feel to your home. It’s also up to you if you want a more secure and entryway to your home. While it may seem as if pivot doors are something truly bizarre and wouldn’t make sense in your home, we implore you to consider it. At least speak with professionals who specialize in their installation. You can get a pivot door in any finish that you want so there’s no reason why they wouldn’t match the rest of your home. Get a consultation with a company that is used to installing such doors and see what they offer – it may seem as if this would be difficult, but a pivot door can fit anywhere.

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