Dash 6 QT Air Fryer Review (Model DFAF455GBAQ01)

Are you wondering which air fryer to choose? There are some many models out there these days. One of the best reviewed model, the Dash 6 qt Air Fryer has a compact design making it perfect for any kitchen. Despite its smaller footprint, it offers a lot of room for air frying your favorite foods. The capacity for this air fryer is so large it can feed a family of four to six people. This air fryer is tiny but mighty.

Dash 6 QT Air Fryer Review (Model DFAF455GBAQ01)

If you have a larger family, and you find yourself having to air fry your food in shifts because you cannot fit it all, then this is the air fryer for you. With this air fryer, you will not have to worry about not having enough healthy food ready for your family. This could be the air fryer that solves all your cooking needs.

If you are interested in finding a new and healthier way to cook for your family, take a look at the Dash 6 qt Air Fryer.

Our rating:  4.7 / 5

Features of Dash Air Fryer

Some of the most important features of the Dash 6 qt Air Fryer include:

  • The adjustable cooking time gives you ultimate control.
  • The automatic shut off prevents your food from burning.
  • This Dash Air Fryer has a large capacity basket enabling you to cook in bulk.
  • It allows you to cook food with a fat reduction of 70 percent to 80 percent to give your family healthier options.
  • It has a compact design, so it does not take up a lot of counter space in your kitchen.

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The amount of room you have to cook your food is one of the most important aspects of an air fryer. The Dash 6 qt Air Fryer gives your 6 quarts of space to cook all the food you would like for your family. The Dash Air Fryer is the ideal kitchen appliance for busy families and picky eaters. You simply put the food in the basket, set the temperature, and let the air fryer do its thing. The basket is removable for easy cleaning. It has a non stick surface, so you do not have to worry about leaving any food behind. Six quarts is one of the largest capacity air fryers that you can find on the market today. It can easily feed a family of six as this air fryer can cook two pounds of French fries.

Auto Shut Off and Temperature Control

Anytime you are using a kitchen appliance to cook food, you want to be able to control the temperature and cooking time for the air fryer. This Dash air fryer has an automatic shut off to prevent your food from overcooking and burning. This air fryer has a timer that shuts off the air fryer after 30 minutes. This air fryer uses 1700 watts to ensure the food is cooked evenly, and there is no burning. Accurate cooking time helps the food retain its flavor. The housing and handle remain cool to the touch during cooking, so it is safe for everyone in your family to use.

Healthier Cooking Option

The Dash Air Fryer uses air crisp technology to give your food the ultimate crispness with the need for no oil. The food cooked in this air fryer has a fat reduction of 70 percent to 80 percent. Not only will your food taste great, but it is healthier for your family. The food is crisper and does not have an oily taste to it.


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Compact Size

The Dash 6 qt Air Fryer gives you a lot of room to cook your food with its healthy sized basket. You are able to cook an entire chicken in this air fryer. However, it does not sacrifice looks for size. The air fryer remains cute and somewhat compact at the same time, cool heh?. It might be a bit larger than other models, but it’s not the largest one you can find. It weighs just about 16 pounds.  There is no limit to how much food you can cook up quickly with this air fryer. You can satisfy even the hungriest family.

The dimensions are 12.5 inches by 14.8 inches by 14.8 inches.

Pros and Cons

Now that we know what we can expect, let’s check pros and cons.

  • The handles remains cool to the touch no matter how hot the air fryer is.
  • It has an auto shut off to protect your food.
  • It has a one year warranty.
  • Some users complain about the non-stick surface not really being non-stick.
  • There are limited automatic settings on the air fryer.

Other Things To Watch Out For

There are unlimited features about this air fryer that make it a solid investment for you and your family. The AirCrisp technology circulates air around your food for more even cooking without the need for extra fat or oils. Cooking without oil gives you a more nutritious and fast way to prepare food. You can cook dessert, like a flourless chocolate cake, in this air fryer.

The Dash model is a compact air fryer but still on the larger size. It has a 6 quart basket, and it takes up a significant amount of space. Taking up space may be a negative for you if you do not have a lot of room in your kitchen. On the other hand, this could also be a positive for you if you are interested in the largest cooking basket that you can find. The tray and basket are easy to clean, and some pieces can be washed in the dishwasher.

The air fryer is a little more than 15 pounds, so you can easily move it around your kitchen. It has a bit of a retro look to it and comes in a few colors, including red, black, white, yellow, and aqua. This air fryer is an excellent addition to your retro style kitchen. If that is not your style, the white or black one blends in with any decor.

You should keep in mind that there may be some things about the air fryer that you do not like. You set the temperature with a dial that has preset numbers – and you can only set the temperature to those numbers. Unfortunately, there is no option for any other temperature settings. With that being said, these manual temperature options could limit the items you can air fry.

Another downside is the non-stick coating. Some users have complained that the coating layer peels off without much use, and it is not non-stick.


Our rating:  4.7 / 5

There are many qualities that make the Dash Air Fryer the right one for you and your family. You can feel confident in your air fryer purchase because it comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty. It includes a bonus recipe book and access to a recipe database. You will not even have to think about what to cook because you get all the information you need.

Even when you are short on time in your busy schedule, the Dash Air Fryer helps you cook up a healthy meal for your entire family. It is effortless to use and safe for everyone in your family. While the air fryer allows your food to hold onto its flavor, it does not fill your house with the scent of whatever food you are cooking. The Dash Air Fryer is a great way to make meal time more manageable.

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