Electric Panel Heaters: Best Option For Large Spaces?

If you have a large space to heat, compact electric space heaters might not be enough. Also, if you can’t have oil-filled radiators in individual rooms, there are only a few choices left. One of the best, yet not much talked about choices is electric panel heaters.

electric panel heater

Is there a reason these panels are not so common and well-known? Let’s find out.

Features of Electric Panel Heaters

So, let’s talk about the efficiency of electric panel heaters and if they are worth your buck.

1) The Efficiency Conundrum

As you have probably guessed, heating a big space with a candle and good intentions isn’t going to cut it. But neither will compact space heaters, as they are designed for small spaces. You need something more efficient, and guess what? Electric panel heaters are here to the rescue. Electric panel heaters are incredibly efficient, transforming nearly 100% of the electrical energy they consume into heat.

  • No More Heat Wasted: These heaters distribute the heat evenly, making sure no corner of your large space feels left out. Because we all know how tragic it is when the southwest corner starts feeling neglected.
  • Consistent Temperature: Electric panel heaters maintain a consistent temperature, ensuring your large space doesn’t feel like it’s going through menopause.

2) Easy Installation – No Degree in Rocket Science Needed

Unlike that flat-pack furniture with instructions that seem like they were written in hieroglyphics, installing an electric panel heater is a piece of cake.

Wall-Mounted or Freestanding: They can be wall-mounted, perfect for creating that minimalist, “I don’t even need a heater” look. Or they can stand alone, for those of you who like your heaters to, well…stand alone.

3) Hello, Cost-Effectiveness!

Here’s a shocking revelation: large spaces cost more to heat. Who would have guessed, right? But most electric panel heaters are rather cost-effective (although not as portable space heaters), priced anywhere between $70 and $200.

With that being said, considering their price and effectiveness, you might need a few of them if you are trying to heat a very large room and they serve as the only heat source.

4) The Eco-Friendly Knight in Shining Armor

Energy Saving: These heaters are designed to operate at lower wattages while still making you feel like you’re in the Bahamas rather than a warehouse. In general, we are talking between 350 and 500 watts.

This, and the technology that uses evenly distributing heat makes electric panel heaters an eco-friendly choice.

5) Low Maintenance: Because Who Needs Another Thing to Worry About?

Life is complicated enough. You’ve got bills, work, that weird noise your car makes, and that one light bulb you still haven’t replaced. The last thing you need is a high-maintenance heating system.

Electric panel heaters require little to no maintenance. There’s no yearly check-up, no replacing parts, and definitely no “Oops, it stopped working because it’s Tuesday.”. If you feel like going the extra mile, dust them every now and then.

The Bottom Line

So, these are the main features, advantages, and disadvantages of electric panel heaters. As you have learned, they are cost-effective, eco-friendly, and distribute heat pretty evenly.

However, the eco-friendliness goes hand in hand with low wattage, which means that they are best as a supplemental heating source, rather than the main one. If you feel like you have no other choice, you might need a few of these bad boys to make a large room comfortably warm.

Just make sure to pick a model with good verified reviews and that its features offer all your requirements.