Energy-saving Tips for Electric Heaters: Staying Warm and Eco-friendly

It’s that time of year again when Jack Frost not-so-gently nips at your nose and the Arctic air seems to have a personal vendetta against your toes. Yes, winter is here, and it’s cold. But hey, this isn’t the ice age, and you aren’t a woolly mammoth. You’ve got an electric heater to keep you warm, and while that’s wonderful, the energy consumption of these bad boys can often be less than eco-friendly.

electric space heater in a house

So, what’s a shivering homeowner to do? Let’s explore some energy-saving tips for electric heaters because nothing warms the heart like a lower energy bill and a healthier planet.

10 Energy-Saving Tips For Your Home and Your Electric Heater

Some of these tips will be general in regard to house/apartment and some of them will be specific to electric heaters, but all of them effect these devices in one way or another.

1) Layers, People.

Are you trying to find a good balance between an eco-friendlier home and not freezing to death? Well, the answer is layers. Something our grandparents did on a daily basis – have a pair of thick, good-quality socks and grab a sweater.

Now that’s a bit inconvenient, you might say. Well, then grab a blanket instead of a sweater and use it like a cloak – easy.

2) Let the Sun In, Vampires Be Damned

Sun is your friend, people. So, open up those curtains and let the light and heat flow in. I know, I know, what a terrible thought for night owls and vampire-like people. I mean, I wouldn’t blame you – how can you game on a computer with a blinding light streaming in from outside – but come now, it’s a small price to pay, at least for a few hours a day.

3) Your Thermostat Isn’t a DJ, So Stop Turning It Up

Contrary to popular belief, playing with your thermostat up and down isn’t going to heat up your home faster. I mean, technically if you crank it to 80 degrees yes, but trust me, in a few minutes, you will crank it down and all that is just a waste of energy. So, set a reasonable temperature, like 68 degrees, and leave it alone.

4) Insulate Your Home Like You’re Wrapping a Christmas Present

This is something best to think about before the winter, so your precious warm air won’t escape through drafty windows and doors. But if you are a DIY, just use weatherstripping, caulk, or, if you’re feeling particularly crafty, a homemade draft stopper (think a long tube sock filled with rice or beans). It’s like wrapping your house in a warm hug and it can be done pretty easily.

5) Don’t Heat Rooms You’re Not Using

Unless you have pretty expensive oil paintings in your house that require specific humidity and temperature, there is no reason to heat rooms you are not using with an electric heater – it’s a waste of energy. If there’s cold coming from them (it shouldn’t be that much of a difference, though), then simply close the door.

6) Regular Maintenance: It’s Not Just for Your Car

If you want your electric heater to be at its 100% all the time, then you need to clean and maintain it regularly. Dusting, cleaning, and replacing burnt-out bulbs and other parts – all of that is necessary.

7) Don’t Be a Space Heater Hog

Now space heaters can be a great way to add a little extra warmth to your personal space, but let’s not get carried away. These units (no matter the type) are not designed to heat your entire home, especially not the compact and portable models. Use them sparingly and only in the room you’re currently occupying. Remember, space heaters are like chocolate – a little can be a treat, but too much can lead to trouble!

8) The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors (and Wasted Energy)

I bet some of you fellas did not know that our body naturally cools down when you sleep, so now that you do, you can take advantage of this built-in energy saver. The best thing to do is to lower your thermostat a few degrees at night and snuggle up under a warm blanket.

Just remember to keep your feet inside the blanket – the monster under the bed has a well-known foot fetish.

9) Use the Heater’s Energy-saving Mode

Energy saving mode? Well, yes, most electric heaters do come with this particular setting. So, instead of using your heater like a power-hungry tyrant, let it do its energy-saving thing.

Check the manual if you’re unsure how to activate this mode. Yes, I know, reading manuals is as fun as watching paint dry, but in this case, it’s worth it.

10) Ceiling Fans: Not Just for Summer

No, I did not make a mistake here, just listen, I mean, read. While we typically associate ceiling fans with cooling off on a hot summer’s day, they can also be your secret weapon for heat distribution in the winter. By reversing the direction of your ceiling fan to rotate clockwise, you can push the warm air that’s risen to the ceiling back down into the room. Physics, who knew?

In Conclusion

There you have it, kids. My favorite energy-saving tips for space heaters and your home in general. I know that some of these tips might sound like a no-brainer, but we live in the 21st century and the younger generation these days have little idea how to make your room warm and eco-friendly at the same time (kudos to the exceptions). Peace out.