Hamilton Beach Personal Blender Reviewed

The Hamilton Beach Personal blender is perfect for a lot of things. This personal sized blender is good for people on the go, and individuals who simply don’t like using large blenders. The Hamilton Beach Personal Blender might even be the best option for people living in small areas, such as apartments and tiny houses. This personal blender is also referred to as the Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender, due to its compactness.

The Hamilton Beach single serve blender is only capable of blending one serving at a time. Which is why it is considered a personal blender. There are many benefits to using a personal blender, as well as some negatives to it as well. The number of pros and cons you experience due to the Hamilton Beach Personal Blender is based off of the features, its functionality, and your reasons for using it.

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

Before you decide what type of blender you need, you should first assess the Hamilton beach single serve blender to determine whether this is a good purchase for you and if it will meet your needs. The features are the most important part. Weighing the pros and cons is also a good way to determine whether something will work for you or not.

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender Features 

The Hamilton Beach blender may seem basic. However, there are many beneficial features that can make this small blender your go-to device for your everyday blending needs.

Travel Lid

The travel lid is an extremely beneficial feature of the personal blender. This feature makes it easier for you to take this blender with you on the go. Once you finish blending a tasty drink or smoothy for yourself, you can use the travel lids as a means to protect your drink from spillage, but also as a means for drinking. The travel lid on the Hamilton single serve blender has a spout that can be closed and opened and used as means for protecting drink on the go. The travel lid is similar to other to go cups, like those that can be found on reusable coffee mugs.

Compact and Perfect for Travel

The Hamilton Beach Personal Blender was made to travel. The compactness of this blender makes it easy to carry. This blender can even fit in some cup holders. The entire blender could actually travel. All you need is an outlet, and then you can blend on the go. This blender can hold 14 ounces of liquid. This blender is perfect for people who often travel and enjoy fresh blended drinks and smoothies.

Easy Cleaning

This compact blender is very easy to clean. It is dishwasher safe.  A good way to clean this small blender is by putting a small amount of soap and some water in it, once that step is complete, you can blend the soapy water inside and rinse as needed. This will clean your blender and get it ready for its next use.

One Button Blending Option

Unlike other blenders, the Hamilton Blender is simple and easy to use. The blender only features one setting. There is only one button and one speed. This makes cleaning things like smoothies, formula, and other meals much easier and simple to do. You can even blend soups and paste in this blender with ease.


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Cord Powered

There are no batteries necessary for this device. In order to use this device, all you need is outlet.  This makes it easier for people who travel often. This also makes this blender ideal for home use. It only requires 120 Volts, which means you can use this blender at the same time as other devices without putting a strain on your electrical system.

Stainless Steel Blades

The blades are the star feature of the Hamilton Bach Personal Blender. The blades are made out of stainless steel. Stainless steel blades make blending easier and produces smoother results. Stainless steel is corrosion resistant. It is less prone to rusting than other metals are. These blades are also heat and fire resistant. If you need to blend a warm soup, you can safely do so with this blender.

Another reason this small blender is so easy to clean is because of these stainless-steel blades. Stainless steel is very hygienic. It’s easy to clean, and they’re for is the metal of choice for many kitchens, hospitals, and food processing tools. Stainless steel is also a recyclable substance, that last for a long time due to its impact resistance.

Safe and Reliable

This blender is completely safe to use and is reliable as well. The Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender has a 175-watt motor. This powerful blender can be used to blend things such as baby formula, soups, paste, smoothies, juices, and more.

The blenders polarized plug reduces the chances of electrical shock. The polarized plug was designed to only fit into the outlet in a certain way, lessening the risk of shock and other electrical issues.

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Pros & Cons

Whether you identify with this list of pros and cons greatly depends on what you intend to use a blender for. Some pros and some cons may apply to your lifestyle, depending on what you do on a daily basis, and your reasons for buying a blender.


Compact and Easy to Travel With

The compactness of the Hamilton Beach Single serve blender makes it easy to travel with. You can literally blend on the go or blend at home and take the travel container with you to go. If you plan to be away for a while and need a blender to make fresh juices and smoothies, you can pack the entire blender with you and easily fit in a suitcase or duffel bag. If you want to enjoy a smoothie on your way to a meeting, or while you’re at work, you can fit the compact travel cup in your lunch bag or cup holder. Its travel lid and small size makes this blender just as easy to carry as a travel coffee mug would be.

Easy to Clean

This blender is extremely easy to clean. The stainless-steel blades are the best metal to use in devices such as this due to its hygienic properties. To clean this blender, you can simply rinse it and then use soap and water. Fill the blender up with water and add a little soap and then blend it in order to clean it. If the blender hasn’t been cleaned immediately after use, parts of food and debris can become dried and stuck, in this case, you can simply add some baking soda to your soap and water, and then blend. Using hot or warm water, will also make it easier to clean.



The fact that the Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender is small may not be best for everyone. If you plan on using this blender for parties, and other people, you will be disappointed in the size. The size of the blender can hold 14 ounces of liquid, which is enough for a single serving.

One Speed

The one button feature may seem easy for some and an inconvenience for others. The one speed design, makes it easy for individuals to blend smoothies, paste, and other concoctions, however, if you are looking for a particular speed or blending mode, you won’t be able to achieve this, with that one speed.

In Conclusion

Our rating: 4.5 / 5

If you are looking to blend personal smoothies, baby formula, soups, and other things for single serve uses, then the Hamilton Beach blender is for you. If you need to make large batches of things, then it may be best to get a larger blender instead. The overall consensus of the Hamilton Single Serve Blender is that it is easy to use, compact, travel-friendly, and affordable.

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