How to Clean a Leather Couch or Sofa Properly

Leather Couch

Nothing looks nicer in a living room than a leather couch. It gives a luxurious feel to your home and could be the envy of any guest that you have. You probably saved for a long time for your leather couch – getting cheaper couches to start with and finally replacing it with a leather one when you were financially able to do so. You can get a leather couch in any color and it will last a long time. It might even be the last couch or sofa that you ever need to get.

With purchasing a sofa that is expensive and looks so good, you want to know how to keep up with it. Life happens and there’s no avoiding stains. If you have pets or children, you’re increasing the probability that you could be seeing a spillage happen in your future. Rather than worrying about your beautiful couch, learn how to properly clean your leather couch to remedy against wear and tear. As you clean and care for your couch, it will look better than ever as time goes on.

Let’s follow these steps on how to properly clean your leather couches, sofas, and other leather items in your home.

Buy Essential Cleaning Items

 When you’re about to clean the leather couch in your living room, there are essential items that you are going to need:

  • Saddle Soap
  • Water
  • Leather Cream
  • Soft Cloth
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Cotton Swab

Any of these items that are listed here can be found in your local store. Each are relatively reasonably priced and it’s good to have them on hand. In fact, you probably already have some of the items in your home. Either way, these are the materials you are going to need in order to clean your leather sofa.

We’re Going to Start With Soap and Water

Let’s start easy. If you have mild stains that are needed some tender loving car, you can start with some soap and water. First, you are going to dip a clean and damp washcloth into a warm soapy water bucket. Then, use it to wipe away the mild stain on your leather.

Use Leather Soap

You can also use specific leather soap. These kinds of soap are called saddle soaps. You can use these to clean your leather couch or sofa.

For Tougher Stains, Use Alcohol

If you find a pen stain on your leather couch, you are going to need something stronger than just soap. It’s in this case that you are going to want to use a cotton swab that is dipped with rubbing alcohol. When you are using this, carefully apply the cotton swab directly to the stain spot. You don’t want the alcohol to spread outside of the stain – so make sure you’re careful when you’re applying the alcohol.

Dry The Leather Couch Thoroughly

After you have cleaned the stain on your leather sofa, you then want to dry the leather. You will want to use another clean and dry cloth. This is to avoid any mildew. For the best results, you want to leave the spot alone overnight.

After, Apply Leather Cream

So, after you’ve waited overnight for the area to dry, you will want to re-moisturize the material. Do this by applying leather cream with a clean cloth. You should let the leather cream sink in, then you will buff the area to a shine – if you’d like.

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Let’s Care for Leather So It Can Last Forever

Now that we have done all of this to remove stains, let’s not cover how to properly care for leather so your sofa and couches can last a lifetime. Here’s some tips that we’re going to let you in on.

  • Some leather couches are meant to look more lived-in. Not every leather is going to look brand spanking new. Some people enjoy the old, worn leather look and some couches are meant to look like this. This is true when it comes to aniline-dyed leather furniture. The dye penetrates the entire material. This makes it durable and lived in. This means this leather is easy to care for and will only look better as time goes on.
  • Know where to place your furniture. When you have leather couches and furniture, you need to know where to place this couch. You don’t want to place the sofa directly under the AC or next to a radiator. This will dry out the leather, which will make it easier to crack and look worse. So, you want to make sure that you keep your sofa out of harsh temperature.
  • Keep pets off of the furniture. When you are a pet parent, you think of your pets as your child and let them go anywhere. The truth is, though; if you want to keep your leather furniture nice, you’re going to have to stop them from going up on it. Not only do dogs and cats shed, but cats will be tempted to scratch up the leather. Dogs drool and their own nails could scuff up the leather.
  • Moisturize your leather soda regularly. By treating distressed areas, you can make sure that your leather couch looks better for longer. Your leather couch is work, which means if you aren’t willing to keep up with it, then perhaps you should reconsider getting a leather sofa.
  • Do you have a tear or a hole? Call a professional. There are professionals who are experts in repairing leather furniture. If you allow a tear or hole to go too long, it will only get bigger. Additionally, if you have no experience and try to repair it on your own, you may end up doing more damage than you intended to.

You Want You Leather to Last Forever

We love leather couches and we know you’ve been waiting a long time to get one of your own. With the money you’ve put down and the excitement you’ve expressed over getting a leather couch, you want to make sure you do whatever you can to make it look good forever. Follow the steps in this article and your leather couch will last a lifetime.

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