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How to Remove Acid Stains From Concrete

If you are trying to keep up with concrete flooring, you may want to learn how to remove acid stains from concrete. This can happen from acid-stained concrete floors that have faded and leave an unpleasant pattern on the floor. This is a type of concrete that is typically used for the driveway or patio of a home. It offers a nice elegance to the home, but the residuals left from the staining could not be pleasant to look at.

In this article, we’re going to go over the steps you need to take in order to remove the stains that come from acid. By following these steps, you will not only learn how to remove stains, but how to keep up your concrete flooring to look good and be stable.

Wear Protective Gear To Avoid Injuries

When you are interacting with chemicals, you always want to wear protective gear. These include rubber gloves and boots. This way you are protecting your hands and feet in case there is any spillage from acid. Acid can destroy clothing such as jeans, but acid cannot penetrate rubber. In addition, you want to wear some goggles and a surgical mask (or handkerchief), this is to help not inhale any toxic fumes. Always remember to protect yourself during any DIY project, especially one where you are handling something like acid.

Use Oxalic Acid Solution to Remove Stains

Yes, you are going to use acid in order to remove acid stains. The first thing you want to start with is oxalic acid. This acid comes in a powder form and can be brought from your local supermarket or drugstore. You then mix and dissolve the acid in warm or hot water. Make sure you always follow the instructions that come with the oxalic acid for the different mixing strengths. Then prepare the area where you need to apply the acid by saturating it with the water and let it dry completely. You then dip the brush in the solution before applying it to a small area. You then will do this to another spot until you’ve covered the entire area with the solution. Then, let the solution sit for about 15 to 20 minutes. You then will wash the entire place with water – use a gardening hose to really be able to cover everywhere. You will repeat this process until the stains disappear.

What You Should Do When Oxalic Acid Doesn’t Do The Job?

What should you use if oxalic acid hasn’t worked? Don’t give up! If oxalic doesn’t get the job done, you can use TSP. This stands for tri-sodium phosphate and it can be bought from any local paint store or home improvement store. With TSP, you can use the same process as you did with the oxalic acid, but you should still make sure that you read the instructions that come with the box.

Try Muriatic Acid If The Other Acids Don’t Get The Job Done

If neither suggestions above worked, then muriatic acid can be found at your local supermarket. You can use this if all else fails. Be sure to handle muriatic acid with extreme caution. You can use a solution made of four parts water and one part muriatic acid – this is usually enough for a heavy-duty cleaning. That is, unless it’s specified otherwise. Just as with oxalic acid and TSP, you can use the same process, but read the instructions that come with muriatic acid.

Why Do You Need Acid to Remove Acid?

You might be asking, why do I need to use acid to remove acid? Just using water alone will not help. Water and acid are not soluble. This is why you need a little bit of acid in your water mixture to help remove the stains. How much acid you use with the water depends on which acid you use and what the instructions say. Remember, it’s important to read the instructions that come with the acid. We’ve listed several acids in this article for you to use and any of them should be able to remove the stains you don’t want there.

What To Do After The Stain is Removed

Once the stain is finally removed, you will then apply a quality concrete sealer to the area. Acids tend to completely strip the concrete, making it more porous. This weakens the structure. This is why you need a sealer, which will protect the area from foot traffic, water seepage, and any other natural elements. You can find concrete sealer at your local hardware store. We do not suggest that you skip this step if you want to keep your concrete flooring safe and looking good.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Hiring a Professional

These tips here are for those who want to take things into their own hands. It’s good to know how to upkeep your home and it can make for a satisfying afternoon project. It can also help in saving money. However, there is nothing wrong with calling a professional if what you are doing isn’t working. Working with acids can be dangerous and if you aren’t aware of what you are doing then you run the risk of damaging the concrete, as well as yourself. With the help of a professional, you can rest assured that your concrete will be in good hands.

Removing Acid Stains From Concrete Will Make Your Concrete Look Brand New

You want everything about your house to be an accurate representation of you. Even your driveway. While you initially stained your driveway to look good, leaving it can cause stains that you aren’t going to want to represent your home. By following the steps in this article, you can solve the problem that comes with staining. Have a beautiful looking driveway and anywhere else that you use concrete – this may be a summer project that you want to tackle once the snow melts and the weather starts getting warmer outside.

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