How to Remove Toilet Stains Properly

Toilet Stains

We’re almost close to spring cleaning time! The time of year when you’re in the mood to shake all of those Winter blues away and have a beautiful house that invigorates you. One of the places that people concentrate on the most is their bathroom. On top of the kitchen, it’s where most people are spending their time while at home. And with a global pandemic going on, it’s important to get away from germs.

However, you shouldn’t just wait until spring cleaning to clean your toilet. Removing stains from your royal throne should be something done frequently. It’s easy to overlook your toilet bowl when you are cleaning – you probably feel like you don’t dirty it, so you may not clean it as often as you should.

Not only are we telling you to clean your toilet bowl on a frequent basis, but we’re going to help you clean your bowl properly. Remove stains from your toilet bowl and never worry about contamination again. Once you follow the steps below, you will feel more confident in cleaning your toilet bowl and you’ll be able to do it the proper way.

Let’s go through the steps!

What to Do First When Cleaning Your Toilet (Toilet Cleaner and Vinegar)

We’re going to start by applying some toilet cleaner directly to the bowl. Afterward, let the cleaner soak for a few minutes. Keep in mind that if you are using vinegar in place of toilet cleaner, then simply pour a cup into the bowl. Then you’re going to quickly swish the cleaner around the bowl using a brush.

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After The Cleaner Soaks In

Once the cleaner soaks in, then spray the exterior of the toilet bowl with an all-purpose disinfectant. If your toilet bowl is really dirty, then just simply give it a good ol’ preliminary wipe-down with paper towels.

Let’s Scrub It!

We’re going to then use a scrub sponge to clean the exterior of the toilet bowl. Keep in mind that you have a modern toilet with a quick-disconnect toilet seat, first remove the seat to clean it separately. While cleaning, pay attention to the base and floor around the toilet. Then, once the exterior is clean, you’ll use the toilet brush to clean the bowl. If you see that you have stubborn water rings or stains that are tough to remove, use a pumice stone in order to remove them.

What Else to Look Out For

Keep an eye on the underneath area where the water ours out. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean you should simply ignore it. Scrub this area with a brush or a sponge in order to remove stains and disinfect the area. Every inch needs to be scrubbed, including this area.

What Supplies Should You Have on Site?

In this section, we’re going to go over the kind of supplies you should have on hand to clean your toilet. These are supplies you should always have in your home and they’ll make cleaning your toilet bowl much easier than before.

Here are the supplies you should have on deck in order to clean your toilet bowl properly:

  • Waterproof rubber gloves are always a given. You’re going to be handling chemicals and you’re going to be sticking your hand in a toilet. You don’t want to do this bare hand. Have rubber gloves ready for cleaning your toilet only – don’t use the same ones to clean your dishes with.
  • Have several scrubbing sponges available. This way when one seems as if it’s on its way out, you have backups. You’re going to need these to scrub away the grime and filth in your toilet bowl.
  • You can’t exactly clean a toilet bowl with toilet cleaner or vinegar. In addition, make sure you always have a toilet brush on hand. These items are essential to getting your toilet nice and clean.
  • Make sure you have all-purpose disinfectant spray. As mentioned earlier, it’s more important than ever now to be hygienic and to get rid of germs that may be lurking in your toilet.
  • A cloth or a towel. You probably have these on deck already, but they’re good to dry off your toilet after you’re done cleaning. They’re also good to place your tools on while you’re cleaning.
  • Paper towels. You most likely have paper towels in your home anyway, but you’re going to use them for simply wipe downs when you’re cleaning your toilet bowl.
  • A pumice stone is useful for those really hard to remove stains. When you use this, you’ll definitely get the job done. You can find pumice stones online or any local house cleaning supply store in your area.

How to Clean Your Toilet Water Tank

Lastly, let’s talk about your water tank. Don’t forget about this one! Here’s what you want to do – remove the lid and look inside. If you see mineral building or crud, pour four cups of vinegar in the tank. Soak it for an hour. Then, turn the water to your toilet off and flush your toilet. This will drain the tank so you can scrub it while the tank is empty. To fill the tank back up, simply turn the water back on and flush the toilet several times in order to rinse out the tank.

Remember, It’s Important to Clean Your Toilet Bowl

Without saying it, you know that we all have to use our toilet bowls. And it’s not the prettiest picture we’re painting when we’re there. Simply flushing our toilet bowls aren’t getting rid of the germs and buildup that can occur.

Cleaning the toilet is important to maintain the hygiene of your bathroom, as well just making the bathroom feel a little less grimey. You want people to enjoy coming over and if you have a dirty toilet bowl, they’re not going to walk away with a positive experience. Hopefully, these tips helped and you have what you need to make an improvement on your toilet.

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