Most Common Pressure Washer Uses

Did you know that there are more uses to your pressure washer than what meets the eye? Some of us use them only for our cars, while others clean their patio on a weekly basis. But pressure washers have far more applications in residential cleaning than you know.

dirty pool decks

Uses of Pressure Washers in Residential Cleaning

While there are basically hundreds of individual things that can be cleaned with a pressure washer, I’ll list the top eight that are most commonly cleaned by this very machine.

  1. The Ultimate Patio Party Pooper

Anyone who owns a patio knows that dried dirt is basically like old paint – it’s a freaking pain to clean. Pressure washers, to arms!

  • Step one: Strap on some protective goggles and start blasting away years of built-up grime and debris.
  • Step two: Witness the satisfying transformation as your patio goes from drab to fab in minutes.
  • Step three: Revel in your newfound popularity as your neighbors beg to borrow your pressure washer.
  1. Say Goodbye to Gutter Gunk

While there is definitely some satisfaction in cleaning something that is monstrously dirty, anyone who claims they enjoy cleaning gutters has some serious mental issues.

Seriously, who has time to climb up a ladder, scoop out that slimy mess, and then hose it down? However, with a pressure washer, gutter cleaning has become a relative breeze. Just point, shoot, and watch as the gunk and debris are blasted away. Goodbye manual labor, hello newfound free time!

Note: Gutters are tougher opponents, so you might need a strong machine for this. You can check our comparison table for that.

  1. Beautifying the Driveway

Remember when your driveway was a beautiful, uniform shade of gray? Me neither.

But just like a patio, you can restore your driveway to its former glory quite easily with a pressure washer at your disposal. Make your neighbors wonder – nothing wrong with a tiny bit of petty jealously.

  1. The Fence Whisperer

“Dear, what happened to our fence – why it doesn’t have that beautiful Mocha color anymore?”

“Wait, our fence was brown?”

Believe it or not, yes, your fence was quite a different color some time ago. Fear not, a half an hour with your pressure washer and your fence will be restored to its former glory.

  1. A Touch of Magic for Your Home’s Exterior

Ever wished you could give your home a facelift without breaking the bank? Well, with a pressure washer, well, you can. Blast away the dirt, grime, and cobwebs that have taken up residence on your siding, and watch as your home sparkles like new.

Who needs a fairy godmother when you’ve got a pressure washer? Just make sure the flowers of your loved one are out of the way, otherwise, you’ll be risking whisking far more terrifying than a dose from a pressure washer.

  1. De-Griming the Garden Furniture

Garden furniture has a knack for collecting dirt, grime, and even bird droppings like they’re going out of style. Just a few minutes with a pressure washer and your garden furniture will look just like when you purchased it.

Simple steps:

  • Step one: Set your pressure washer to a gentle setting to avoid damaging your furniture.
  • Step two: Blast away the filth with a satisfyingly powerful stream of water.
  • Step three: Sit back, relax, and enjoy your newly cleaned outdoor oasis.
  1. Unleashing the Power on Pool Decks

Pool decks are notorious for accumulating slippery, slimy algae that even the most determined scrub brush struggles to defeat.

The pool is also one thing every homeowner is quite proud of and wants to display it in the best possible light for guests. No reason to have it ugly and full of dirty algae, right?

So how to clean it fast and simply?

  • Step one: Crank up your pressure washer and marvel at its algae-annihilating capabilities.
  • Step two: Gloat over your victory against the slippery green foe.
  • Step three: Host a pool party to celebrate your triumph and show off your impeccably clean pool deck. After that, well, clean it again.
  1. A Sparkling Clean Garbage Can Castle

Garbage cans, the forgotten heroes of our daily lives, deserve some TLC too. They’ve been holding our trash, after all. But fear not, the pressure washer is here to elevate your garbage cans to their rightful, sparkling clean status.

It’s also quite important if you don’t want smelly garbage bins to off-put any visitors and thus, render the first impression of your house in a negative light.

  • Step one: Empty your garbage cans and set them up for their much-needed makeover.
  • Step two: Unleash the pressure washer’s mighty stream to banish grime, odors, and any lingering memories of last week’s leftovers.
  • Step three: Bask in the glow of your now-pristine garbage can kingdom, and try not to think about how quickly they’ll get dirty again.

The End of Our Tale

There it is fellas, just a few more ideas on how to use your pressure washer in residential cleaning. As you can see, there is basically unlimited use for this awesome power machine.

If you decide to clean everything in your path, make sure that it can actually withstand the pressure of your washer to avoid permanently damaging it.

Peace out.