Pressure Washer Accessories and Attachments Explained

If you were just shopping for a new pressure washer, you might be overwhelmed by the sheer number of accessories and attachments the machine comes with.

pressure washer nozzles

What, 4 nozzles? How many surface cleaners again? But don’t worry, in this case, the rule “the more the merrier” also applies. Once you familiarize yourself with all the accessories, which is the purpose of this article, you will be quite thankful, because each attachment is designed for a different surface.

Pressure Washer Attachments Explained

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the list of all pressure washer attachments and accessories that you need to “worry” about.

1) The Almighty Nozzles

Let’s start with the all-powerful (and colorful) nozzles. These little guys are responsible for controlling the spray angle, and trust me, you need them, because each nozzle works a bit differently, and thus serves a slightly different purpose. Without the right nozzle, you’re just a person with a fancy hose.

Here’s a breakdown of the most common nozzles:

  • 0-degree nozzle: This little red devil is the most intense of them all. It provides a concentrated jet of water, perfect for stubborn dirt and stains. Use with caution – you wouldn’t want to accidentally etch your name into your driveway, now would you?
  • 15-degree nozzle: The yellow comrade. This nozzle is perfect for general cleaning tasks, such as removing mold or mildew. It’s also great for washing your car – just be sure to maintain a safe distance, unless you want a new paint job.
  • 25-degree nozzle: The green machine. It’s a gentler option for cleaning surfaces like wood, brick, or vinyl siding. No more worrying about accidentally destroying your neighbor’s fence!
  • 40-degree nozzle: This is the white knight of the nozzle world. Ideal for delicate surfaces like windows and flowerbeds. You can even use it to give your dog a refreshing shower (just don’t tell PETA).

Note: These are the general colors that usually represent specific nozzles. However, manufacturers can change these colors to match their own brand, so take it only as a general rule of thumb.

2) Surface Cleaners: The Turbocharged Mops

A surface cleaner is essentially a giant, turbocharged mop that attaches to your pressure washer. It has spinning jets underneath a circular enclosure, which evenly distributes water pressure, ensuring consistent cleaning. Perfect for large flat surfaces, like:

  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Garage floors
  • Patios
  • Pool decks

With a surface cleaner, you can say goodbye to the dreaded “zebra stripe” effect and hello to a satisfyingly clean surface.

3) The Indispensable Extension Wand

Are you tired of dragging around a ladder to reach high places? The extension wand is here to save the day. With this handy accessory, you can:

  • Clean gutters
  • Reach high windows
  • Blast dirt off second-story siding

With this wand, you can say goodbye to wobbling around, trying to balance while spraying your house.

4) Foamy Fun: The Foam Cannon

Who said pressure washing couldn’t be fun? With a foam cannon, you can cover your car (or anything else) in a thick layer of foam, making it easier to loosen dirt and grime. Plus, you’ll feel like you’re in a car wash commercial. Just remember to rinse thoroughly; we wouldn’t want any soapy surprises.

5) The Gutter Cleaning Attachment

I still shiver when I think about one of my first part-time jobs, which was gutter cleaning. Boy, I do not miss that.

Luckily, this oddly-shaped contraption attaches to your extension wand and makes cleaning gutters a breeze. No more scooping out decomposing leaves and gunk with your hands, like some kind of medieval peasant.

In Conclusion: Accessorize Your Way to Cleanliness

Boy, do I love puns.

Now that you are familiar with pressure washer attachments and accessories, you can be at peace (and not overwhelmed) by their sheer number and use them accordingly. More expensive pressure washers come with most (if not all) these attachments, while some budget-friendly options do not. In both cases, just make sure it comes with all the nozzles you are going to need.

Armed with this knowledge now you know how to clean your car properly, how to effectively clean gutters, your patio, driveway, fence, literally anything.

With that being said, happy pressure washing, fellas.