Pressure Washer Rental: Pros and Cons

So, you’ve finally realized that your driveway has seen better days, and your patio used to be of a completely different color. And I’m not even talking about that wooden fence.

pressure washer rental

The good news is that all these problems can be solved by one machine – a pressure washer. However, now you might be presented with a dilemma: rent or buy?

I mean, how often are you going to use the machine? They say a house shouldn’t be pressure-washed more than once a year. But what about that patio? Is it worth purchasing the machine, or just renting it once or twice a year?

Renting vs. Buying

Let’s start with rent and its pros and cons. In case you just came out of a cave, renting means borrowing a pressure washer from a legal owner for a certain amount of money for a dedicated amount of time.

I can’t believe I just explained that, whoa. Anyway, let’s continue with the pros of renting.

The Pros: Reasons to Rent a Pressure Washer

Here are several reasons why you should go ahead with renting in contrast to buying:

1. Save money upfront

By renting a pressure washer, you avoid the big upfront cost of buying one. After all, who wouldn’t want to save a few bucks for their next impulsive online shopping spree?

2. No maintenance woes

When you rent, there’s no need to worry about the long-term maintenance of the pressure washer. You can simply return it and let someone else deal with the headache of keeping it in tip-top shape.

3. Space saver

Owning a pressure washer means finding a place to store it, and let’s face it, your garage is already a chaotic mess of tools and forgotten projects. Renting frees up valuable real estate in your cluttered storage space.

4. Try before you buy

Not sure if you want to commit to owning a pressure washer? Renting allows you to take one for a spin before making the plunge. It’s like speed dating for power tools. Imagine that you just bought the first pressure washer you saw, only to realize it’s the loudest machine on the planet. Not so convenient, huh?

The Cons: When Renting a Pressure Washer Just Doesn’t Cut It

Now, let’s explore the not-so-great aspects of renting a pressure washer:

1. Ongoing rental costs

While renting can save you money upfront, frequent rentals can add up over time. It’s like paying for a gym membership you only use once a year—you’re not getting your money’s worth.

2. Availability woes

When you want to rent a pressure washer, there’s always a chance it won’t be available at your local rental center. After all, everyone in your neighborhood had the same brilliant idea to clean their grimy exteriors this weekend.

3. Time constraints

With rentals, you’re typically under a time crunch to get the job done. Say goodbye to leisurely weekend cleaning sessions and hello to a frantic race against the clock.

Technically, this isn’t necessarily a con, it can be viewed as an anti-procrastination system, but I know that most people hate being under time pressure.

4. Hygiene concerns

When you rent a pressure washer, you’re sharing it with countless others who may or may not have taken the best care of the equipment. Sure, germs and grime are no match for high-pressure water, but it’s still a little icky, right?

The Verdict: Pressure Washer Rental – Yay or Nay?

Ultimately, the decision whether to rent or buy falls down to your preferences and mainly, how often you are going to use the machine.

You might start with a one-time rental, or you can try to borrow it from your neighbor to see where you stand with your decision.

In any case fellas, happy pressure washing.