Sboly Conical Burr Coffee Grinder (SYCG-801) Reviewed

If you are a coffee lover, a coffee grinder is likely an essential appliance in your household. When shopping for a coffee grinder for that matter, you need to be sure you get value for your money while you enjoy all that beverage has to offer.

Sboly Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

This is what this review seeks to find out. You may be in the market looking for a coffee grinder and have your eyes set on the Sboly Conical Burr coffee grinder. This review will help you determine whether it is the right fit for all your coffee needs.

There are hundreds of coffee grinders available in the market today, it is therefore very important that you select a coffee grinder that is the right fit for you.

Sboly conical burr grinder (model SYCG-801)  gives you better consistency with the grind than any blade grinder.

We are going to go through its features, the advantages of purchasing and using this appliance, and we’ll have a look at its cons as well.


Sboly conical burr coffee grinder is a professional-grade coffee grinder with 19 accurate grind settings.

It is an electric coffee grinder that is used as a percolator, French press, and American and Turkish coffee maker. Its features include:

  • Adjustable burr with 19 accurate grind settings
  • A dust-proof lid to keep your coffee fresh
  • Stainless steel conical burr design
  • One button for ease in its operation
  • Powerful motor for grinding coffee beans to your preferred standard
  • Safety lock
  • Blue light completion indicator
  • Coffee powder holder
  • Simple and sleek design
  • Automatic stop when the coffee is done grinding
  • 2-12 cup adjustable capacity for grinding
  • The coffee bean hopper has a capacity of 200 grams
  • A spoon and brush for cleaning
  • It has FDA and ETL certifications

You can also check a great unboxing and overview video by Michael Stewart:

Pros and Cons

Now that we are armed with the knowledge from above, let’s check pros and cons.

  • One of the most affordable coffee grinders on the market
  • Due to the coffee grinder’s 19 grind options, the user can grind coffee to his or her exact tasting preference. All you need to do is shift the dial to the ground texture you prefer. This will allow you to personalize your coffee experience every time you grind. You can choose to grind your beans extra fine for an expresso, medium for a drip, of course, if you would like American coffee.
  • The dust-proof lid on the coffee bean hopper and the coffee powder container ensures that your coffee remains fresh for longer
  • The conical burr design is useful when grinding because it ensures an even grind throughout your coffee. With this consistency, you get to experience the full flavor and fragrance of the coffee. This is contrary to flat burr coffee grinders where there is no uniformity with the grind
  • The simple one-button operation does not call for much explanation when using it. The Sboly conical burr coffee grinder is easy to use and therefore won’t waste your time
  • It is built with a powerful motor to suit all your grinding preferences from extra fine to coarse ground coffee
  • The coffee bean hopper and coffee powder container each have a capacity of 200 grams that is two to 12 cups, the dial on the button lets you select the amount of coffee you would like to grind from two to 12 cups per grind
  • The grinder will automatically stop when the beans are done grinding. This means that no matter the set number of cups you have chosen to grind, the Sboly conical burr coffee grinder will stop the grind once it reaches your selected number of cups. Thus, your coffee experience at home is personalized and you can avoid waste if you are on the move and cannot grind all 12 cups of coffee capacity it offers. When it is done grinding, a blue light indicates completion
  • Its simple and stylish design can complement any room seamlessly and even enhance the room’s décor
  • Sboly grinder is a durable and sturdy appliance. It is not prone to damage. Sboly conical burr grinder is FDA and ETL-approved
  • It is also very compact and does not eat up a lot of spacing on your counter
  • The grinder is fast and efficient, so if you are a person on the go you don’t have to wait around for long for grinding to complete
  • Persons with a disability will find it convenient to use because of its compact layout setting which is not complicated to use, so you need not seek around for settings and is fairly neat
  • The lid on the coffee powder container helps keep your surfaces clean because when you tip the container into your coffee pot it prevents the powder from flying everywhere
  • The grinder is safe to use because it will only work once the lid is on and secured and you have pressed the button. It also comes with a safety lock
  • It comes with a removable upper conical bar if you prefer a finer grind
  • Once you disassemble the parts of the grinder it is easy to clean. You should also clean the grinder after you purchase it before you use it
  • Sboly conical burr coffee grinder comes with a brush so you don’t have to struggle to look for tools to clean it

Customers who have bought and use this appliance have praised it for its great consistency and its beautiful design. After trying it out they believe that it produces one of the best qualities in ground coffee, and is a simple appliance to use. Customers are also impressed with the price of the grinder.

  • It can be a bit messy while you grind and when you are detaching the burr. This however can be solved by cleaning the grinder thoroughly with a brush. Do not clean by pouring water into it
  • The grinder is not completely silent although it does not emit a loud annoying sound. The sound emitted won’t wake your whole household or your neighbors up. The vibration is fairly quiet with a high-pitched hum. If you are sensitive to noise this may be a concern for you
  • Sboly coffee grinder comes in detachable parts; however, there have been complaints of users being unable to detach these parts. When they can disassemble the parts of the machine, they say it is a tedious process
  • Some people have found it difficult to set up initially. Some parts need to be poked around first. This has attracted complaints and seen the return of some parts due to the problem
  • You may experience static cling when using the grinder. This can be a problem with burr grinders; however, more prevalent with the cheaper models

In Conclusion – Is Sboly Coffee Grinder Worth It?

Our rating: 4.5 / 5

The Sboly conical burr coffee grinder (SYCG-801) is a well-rounded machine that can suit a wide variety of diverse coffee grinding needs. It is a suitable coffee grinder if you would like to enjoy your coffee in different variations. Thanks to the burr coffee grinder’s affordable price, it is not difficult to get your hands on one.

It has a few shortcomings, but the pros outweigh the cons. If you are looking for a durable, flexible, beautiful, and easy-to-use coffee grinder, a Sboly conical burr coffee grinder is the way to go.

The grinder fits well in any coffee lover’s home. With its sleek and pretty design, it complements well your décor and blends in your home. You will get even better consistency from a Sboly conical burr coffee grinder that costs more if you are willing to dig a little deeper.

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