Toaster Safety Tips: Preventing Accidents and Injuries

A toaster is one of the most common kitchen appliances that can be found in most households worldwide these days. It’s a small, compact machine that can turn bread into yummy and crunchy toast. But did you also know it’s estimated that about 700 people worldwide are killed each year by electroshock or fire caused by this very machine?

toaster safety tips

5 Important Toaster Safety Tips:

In this article, we will take a closer look at toaster safety tips that you can apply, so you won’t become another statistic.

1) Give Your Toaster Some Breathing Room

Toasters may look tough on the outside, but they’re sensitive souls who need their space. Be sure to place your toaster away from:

  • Curtains and other flammable materials. Because, you know, fire.
  • Water sources. Toaster + water = shocking experience, literally.

2) Use the Right Bread for the Job

Contrary to popular belief, not all bread is created equal. Some types of bread are just too big or too small for your toaster’s gaping maw. Before you stuff your toaster with:

  • Oversized artisan bread: Remember that your toaster is not a black hole that can accommodate an entire bakery’s worth of bread. If it doesn’t fit, don’t force it.
  • Tiny, thin slices: Unless you want a game of “retrieve the toast without burning your fingers,” stick to slices that can be easily plucked from the toaster’s fiery depths.

3) Say No to Metal Utensils

When your toast pops up like a golden, crispy phoenix from the ashes, resist the urge to poke and prod it with metal utensils. Why, you ask?

  • The inside of your toaster is basically a metal maze of electricity. If you introduce another metal object, they might become friends in a way that involves sparks, smoke, and a very unhappy you.
  • Instead, opt for wooden or plastic tongs. They won’t be as shockingly friendly with your toaster’s innards.

I mean, come on people, I thought this is a no-brainer, but actually, a crazy amount of people poke with utensils in their toasters. Just because they are smaller kitchen appliances doesn’t mean you have to be mean.

4) Clean Your Toaster Regularly (No, Really)

News flash: Toasters get dirty. Cleaning your toaster is not just for the obsessively clean among us. It actually helps prevent fires caused by a buildup of crumbs. To clean your toaster:

  • Unplug it. (Because, again, electrocution is bad.)
  • Remove the crumb tray and dump out the crumbs. If you haven’t cleaned it in a while, prepare for a breadcrumb avalanche.
  • Give the inside a gentle shake. Pretend you’re performing an exorcism on those pesky crumbs.
  • Wipe down the outside. This step is optional, but it’ll make your toaster look toastally fabulous, hehehe… oh.

5) Don’t Treat Your Toaster Like a Kitchen Science Lab

I get it. You’re curious. You want to know if you can toast:

  • Cheese: No, unless you want to create an unholy, molten mess.
  • Pastries with icing: Again, no. Your toaster is not a bakery oven. It’s a toaster.
  • Marshmallows: Seriously? Do you want to start a fire? Because that’s how you start a fire.

Stick to toasting bread, bagels, and maybe waffles. For everything else, consult your oven or microwave.

Disclaimer: That does not mean everything can go into an oven or microwave – just… be responsible.

In Conclusion

I hope these few tips will make you think twice about doing unnecessary things to your toaster. You know what they say: #ToastersHaveFeelingsToo

Peace out.