Troubleshooting Common Juicer Machine Problems: Tips and Solutions

There is very little that’s more annoying than when you are ready for your daily dose of morning juice, only to realize that something is wrong with your juicer.

woman repairing a juicer machine

Now who has time to repair it right before work? In such cases, it’s always better not to panic, calmly step away from the situation, accept it, and repair it once you get back home.

That’s when you should reopen this article. Here we will discuss the most common troubleshooting juicer problems and how to fix them.

6 Most Common Juicer Problems and How to Fix Them

After several hours of research and plenty of annoying personal experience, I’ve compiled these six problems that seem to envelop juicers quite commonly.

  1. The “No Juice for You!” Situation

One thing to really hate is when you carefully prepare your fruits and veggies, turn on the juicer, and… nothing. Before you decide to throw in the towel and switch to a soda diet, check these points:

  • Is it plugged in? Yes, I was working as an IT guy, I have to ask this
  • Is the juicer properly assembled? Make sure all the parts are snugly fit together.
  • Is the juicer overloaded? Man, give your juicer a break. Feed it smaller amounts of produce at a time.
  1. The Juice Fountain

Do you remember when you were a kid and you’d put your thumb over the hose to create a water fountain? Well, it’s not so great when your juicer decides to do the same.

But before you call a plumber, consider these solutions:

  • Is the spout clogged? Give it a good clean with a brush or a pipe cleaner.
  • Is the container properly aligned? Double-check to make sure everything is where it should be.
  • Are the fruits and veggies too watery? Some of these products can be juicier than expected. Try juicing them at a slower speed or mix them with other ingredients.
  1. The Motor’s Gone on Strike

As the heart of the machine, motor problems are one of the worse scenarios. When the motor goes on strike, it’s better to step back and evaluate the situation as follows:

  • Is the motor overloaded? Be kind to your juicer and avoid overfilling the feeder. Small portions, my friend…
  • Is the juicer overheating? If you have been using the juicer for some time continuously, the motor might be overheated. Give it a few minutes to cool off.
  • Are there any loose parts? Check for any loose screws or parts that might be causing the motor to struggle.
  1. The Pulp Fiction

Sorry, I had to. It wouldn’t be my article without at least one pun. With that being said, the pulp should be relatively dry. If you see a wet soup, something might be off.

  • Is the filter clean? A dirty filter can lead to a wet pulp. Clean it regularly for optimal performance.
  • Are you using the right speed? Harder fruits and veggies might need a higher speed to extract all the juice.
  • Is the pulp container full? Empty it regularly to avoid pulp build-up.
  1. The Mysterious Case of the Leaking Juicer

Also, one of the least convenient problems, is if your juicer starts to leak suddenly, check for these possible problems:

  • Is everything properly assembled? A loose part might be the culprit. Again, it’s time to double-check the assembly.
  • Is the seal worn out? Seals don’t last forever. If it’s damaged or worn, it’s time for a replacement.
  • Is the juicer cracked? Inspect your juicer for any cracks or damage that might be causing the leak.
  1. The Unbearable Noise of Juicing

While juicers are generally noisy appliances (although new models have some serious sound insulation technologies), they should sound like an airplane taking off. If you hear annoying noise-humming, there might be some problem with the device.

  • Is the juicer on a stable surface? The simplest “problem”. Do make sure your juicer is sitting on a flat, stable surface to minimize vibrations.
  • Are there any loose parts? A loose screw or part can cause excessive noise. Tighten up any offenders.
  • Is the juicer dirty? A thorough cleaning might just do the trick. Now, now, don’t be lazy and clean it properly – again.

The Bottom Line

As the saying goes, a regularly maintained juicer is a happy juicer. If you clean and maintain your juicer properly, none of these problems should appear any time soon. But if they do appear, you know what to do now.

Just remember, don’t act hastily as you can damage the appliance even more, which would be a shame – because as we know, a morning glass of juice keeps the doctor away.

Well, that’s not really the saying but you get the gist.