Uses For an Angle Grinder: A Beginner’s Guide

If you are wondering whether or not you should get yourself an angle grinder, my article will help you make that decision. Below you will find several use cases where the tool can be of huge help.

angle grinder

1) Metal Slicing

One day, I found myself in need of cutting through some metal bars for a backyard project. Enter the angle grinder, with its trusty metal cut-off wheel. It sliced through the bars like a hot knife through butter. Since that day, I’ve never looked back; from cutting bolts to trimming metal sheets, my angle grinder has proven to be a very helpful ally.

2) The Fine Art of Grinding

As you might guess from the name, angle grinders excel at – you guessed it – grinding. Whether I’m smoothing out welds or removing excess metal, this fantastic tool makes the job an absolute breeze. Just slap on a grinding wheel, and you’ll be sculpting metal like Michelangelo sculpted marble. Well maybe not, but you will have a lot of fun with the grinding, I guarantee it.

3) Mortar Be Gone!

Tired of chipping away at old mortar with a hammer and chisel? So was I, until my angle grinder, equipped with a diamond tuck-pointing wheel, showed me the light. This dynamic duo made quick work of removing the stubborn mortar. Okay, I’ll stop with the metaphors for now (maybe).

4) A Stone’s Throw Away from Perfection

Perhaps you have a stone garden or other decorations, but you need specific shapes and sizes. Well, an angle grinder can help with that as well. With the use of a diamond blade, it can effortlessly cut through concrete and stone, allowing you to create the custom shapes you might need.

5) Woodworking Wizardry

It turns out that angle grinders aren’t just for metal and masonry; they’re also fantastic for woodworking. By attaching a wood carving disc or flap disc, I’ve been able to shape, carve, and sculpt wood with precision and ease. Pretty neat, right?

6) Paint Stripping Extraordinaire

How about paint stripping? If you change the disc to a wire wheel or wire cup brush, it can also make quick work of removing old paint and rust, thus leaving the metal surface clean and ready for a fresh coat of paint. However, don’t forget to change your disc to the appropriate one. It would be quite a shame to use a diamond disc for this kind of work.

7) Sharpening and Shining

Last but not least, my trusty angle grinder has saved the day on multiple occasions by sharpening my lawn mower blades, garden shears, and even my trusty old axe. The secret weapon? A grinding stone attachment. Long gone are the days when you had to sharpen all your tools once a year with the help of 3rd party.

In Conclusion

So, there you have it, guys – my love letter to the incredible angle grinder. If you’ve never experienced the pure joy of wielding one of these bad boys, I implore you to give it a try. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY pro or a budding enthusiast, the angle grinder just might become your new best friend.

Also, the good news is that it might not be the most expensive tool in your garage. Considering how much value you get for one such tool, I think it’s a no-brainer. Not to mention they take very little space – come on fellas, grab one now.

Peace out.