Washing Machine Accessories: Useful or Waste of Money?

So, you’ve got a washing machine. It’s sitting there, humming away, dutifully cleaning your clothes. But suddenly, in your peripheral vision, you catch sight of an array of shiny accessories promising to transform your humble washing machine into a veritable powerhouse of laundry excellence.

washing machine accessories

5 Washing Machine Accessories That Might Be Useful

Now it begs the question – did they come with your washing machine to prove their usefulness, or are they just a scheme to purchase their more expensive brethren? Let’s find out.

1) Anti-Vibration Pads

You know that terrifying moment when your washing machine starts to sound like it’s preparing for takeoff? These little gems are designed to combat that.

  • Best for: Those who fear their washing machine might decide to dance its way out of the utility room one day.
  • Not for: Those whose washing machines are as serene as a Zen monk.

The verdict: Potentially useful. If you’re the owner of a particularly exuberant washing machine, these could be a real godsend.

2) Laundry Bags

These seem innocent enough, right? Little mesh bags to protect your delicates.

  • Best for: Lingerie, small items, anything with a tendency to get lost or destroyed.
  • Not for: Your favorite jeans. They can fend for themselves.

The verdict: Useful. Unless you enjoy fishing tiny, mangled pieces of lace out of your washing machine drum, these are a good investment.

3) Color Catcher Sheets

Theoretically, these should allow you to wash your red socks with your white shirts without any disastrous, color-bleeding consequences.

  • Best for: The daredevils who defy the laws of laundry and mix colors.
  • Not for: Laundry purists who would rather die than mix colors in the wash.

The verdict: Useful, with a side of skepticism. They can help prevent color transfer, but don’t take them as a green light to throw all laundry rules out the window.

4) Washing Machine Cleaners

You’d think a machine that’s sole purpose is to clean would, you know, stay clean, right? But no, even washing machines need a bath occasionally. And quite frankly, considering what they have cleaned for you already, I think it’s well deserved.

  • Best for: Those who want to keep their machines running smoothly and smelling fresh.
  • Not for: People who think “a little dirt never hurt anyone.”

The verdict: Useful. Just like how you wouldn’t expect a car to run forever without a little TLC, your washing machine also needs regular maintenance.

5) Eco Balls

These are said to replace laundry detergent entirely. Magic? Maybe.

  • Best for: Eco-warriors and those with sensitive skin.
  • Not for: Skeptics who believe the old ways are the best ways.

The verdict: Potentially useful. The science behind them is sound, but they may not tackle tough stains as well as traditional detergents.

The Summary

As you can clearly see, not all washing machine accessories are created equally. As the saying goes, one is not quite like the other, one should not be sold at all. I would definitely say that some of these accessories are more useful than others, but why don’t you go ahead and make your own decision?

Peace out.